new member move from DC to Savannah/Miami

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Re: new member move from DC to Savannah/Miami

Postby Arline » Wed Feb 04, 2004 2:41 pm

It's weird, I thought I had posted a reply as a guest from my sister's computer giving my order number so you guys could track my shipment (in fact, I'm sure I did), but I guess it didn't work.

In any case, I finally reached Miami safe and sound, as did all my stuff. The move was pretty rough, but I'm slowly recovering. Only one item (or that's how things are shaking out so far) was misdelivered, which was as much my fault as McCollister's because I didn't do the entire inventory tour with the driver--although I had the Miami stuff on one side of the living room and the Savannah stuff on the other side of the room, there were a couple of times I was called away, which is how I guess the wrong sticker was put on a vanity bench that should have ended up in Savannah. No biggie.

The main problem was that I was not able to get to Miami in time to take delivery, so the driver and helper just stacked stuff willy-nilly. My poor old mom had no idea where stuff was supposed to go, so kitchen stuff ended up in the bedroom, suitcases were dumped in the living room, and boxes of cookbooks ended up outside the bathroom door. There are other things I just haven't located yet, but that's partly because I spent until yesterday being lazy (I arrived in Miami late Saturday).

All in all, though, I'm pretty happy with McCollister. In the future, however, I will not do a split shipment, no matter what I have to do to avoid it. If I had realized how much trouble I would be causing myself, I would have put off selling my apartment and moving until I could dispose of more of my possessions either by sale or donation and only move what was absolutely necessary to Miami.

I want to thank everyone for their help. As soon as I find a job I will make a donation to the site. I will also recommend the site to anyone I know who is moving. This has been a major education for me. Thanks again. And I will keep checking back, in case I can put my two cents in for future babes in the woods who are putting themselves at risk as I was. You guys saved my bacon, and it's only fair to pass on the favor.


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