Inventory question

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Inventory question

Postby tonypitt » Tue Jul 10, 2007 7:14 pm

I've been reading this board almost daily for the past couple of months. I alternate between freaking out and feeling good about things. I've followed all the advice here (binding estimate, good mover with good track record here, one of the major national companies, etc.), but I'm still a bit paranoid that something will go wrong.

Hopefully I'll be wrong about that. I'll find out soon. The movers are scheduled to pick up my belongings in Florida this Friday (the 13th, no less) and have them in Tennessee next week if all goes well (they fulfill the contract).

I have a question about inventory of belongings. As we have been boxing items up we have given each box a number and written in a notebook the contents of each box. (The boxes only have a number on them, a fragile tag if the contents are fragile, a notation on those that should be top loaded, and a pre-printed sticker containing our name, delivery address, and room location where the box is to go at our new home.)

When the moving company comes I expect that they'll tag the boxes with their own inventory tags. Would it be feasible or desirable for me to keep a record of what's what as things are loaded, or should I not worry about that? (I.e. My box #20 is the mover's tag #37.)

I plan to type up a spreadsheet for our own benefit of exactly what is in each numbered box. Should I give this to the movers or would that be overkill and/or problematic? (I'm paranoid that some of our more attractive content boxes might be targets for theft.)

If things go as I expect, there will be no storage of the items, and our belongings will be on a truck with perhaps 1 or 2 other homes. The move consultant said at the time of estimate that he expected that this move would be a self-haul, which I interpreted to mean that one of their local drivers will move it up for us.

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Re: Inventory question

Postby farrah7031 » Tue Jul 10, 2007 9:00 pm

Wow, aren't you organized! :thumbsup:

I don't think you're going to have an issue with this. If you want to keep track of them and it'll make you feel better, definitely do it. They'll have you check off the inventory list also, no matter if you write your numbers on there or not.

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Re: Inventory question

Postby BigLeeCalif » Tue Jul 10, 2007 10:53 pm

When a company claims a self haul it means one of their trucks. If you're moving within the state, it probably would be a local or intrastate contractor. If you're moving from one state to another, it won't be a local driver.

Depending on the size fleet, most companies have regional, or continental drivers. Regional drivers cover a specific area, and continental drivers go to all 48 states.

Drivers that do their inventory will tag each box.. The sticker will have the lot number and item number. This number will coincide with the numbers shown on the inventory sheet. The difference in the driver's inventory as opposed to yours is that his will show conditions of items, and note any unusual conditions/damage to the item inventoried.

Since you are so well organized, perhaps get with the driver, and cross reference the tag numbers with your own inventory, so no matter which inventory you see, you'll know what's on the other.
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