Anyone have experiences with these Chicago area movers?

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Anyone have experiences with these Chicago area movers?

Postby lh1370 » Thu May 01, 2003 12:33 pm

Shur-way Moving & Cartage,
North Shore Movers,
Graebel Van Lines (out of Buffalo Grove, IL –confusing as also found called Graebel American Movers Inc?)
Blackhawk Moving & Storage (United Van Lines),
All Chicagoland Moving & Storage (United Van Lines),
Cook Moving Systems (United Van Lines),
Armstrong (United Van Lines)

(Have weeded many others out, & my research has somehow ended up "United-heavy" :? Other area suggestions are welcome)

I am looking to set up quotes in the next week or so for my mid-June move to WV.

Thanks! Again, great site that has been so helpful. Contributing something to it is already on my moving budget list! :D

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Re: Anyone have experiences with these Chicago area movers?

Postby Tyrone » Thu May 01, 2003 2:56 pm

If you go to you can download a .pdf file that lists the top 25 movers in the state of illinois (on the basis of quantity of moves performed and revenue reported to the state). The list is on page 11 of the file and goes back to 1997, so chances are that many of today's rogues won't be on the list. Also, since the reporting is voluntary, it again reduces the chances that rogues are included in this state listing of the top 25.

Several of the names you mentioned are included on the list.

I certainly don't intend this to be an endorsement of any particular mover or even of hiring a mover at all, but "if you must" then hopefully this will be another tool that helps you avoid being ripped off.

In addition to the top 25 listing on page 11, the file also gives a very interesting and comprehensive report on the moving industry in the state of Chicago. It's mostly just statistics. The only caveat is that the report makes no mention whatsoever of the rogue industry. Perhaps this is because in 1997 the scammers were just coming into bloom as a widespread phenomenon. Still, to me that means that you can't assume that just because a mover is in the report, that they are not a scammer.

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Re: Anyone have experiences with these Chicago area movers?

Postby Michael » Thu May 01, 2003 6:47 pm

Graebel Van Lines is one of the largest independently owned Van Lines in the industry, with over 39 agents in their system, owned by Dave graebel and his two sons, Bill and Ben (great family). Good company, but because of their size, chances of you having locals picked up at destination (if they dont have a location there) are great. If I am not mistaken and can recall correctly, Graebel American Movers, is just the name of that particular agency in Chicago. (I started my career in the moving industry with Graebel)

And you already know about the United agents from me. But I would again emphasize, dont waste your time with multiple quotes from the same Van Line. We all charge the same and apply the same discounts. Go with the one you feel more comfortable with over the phone. And then get them out to your house.

Good luck

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