Moving from New York to Singapore

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Moving from New York to Singapore

Postby anitakri » Fri Mar 21, 2008 5:48 pm

Am planning a move to Singapore from New York. Choosing between Meyer and Global Ocean Freight.

Got a quote from Meyer's Mayflower for 230 cu ft - $2,884. Door to door shipping with full packing. Excludes Insurance (2.5% of declared value) and THC (est'd at $300-500 at Dubai)as well as customs duties. They had sent a guy over to my apt for in-house inspection. $12.53 per additional cu ft.

Quote from Global Ocean is $2,763. Door to door, full packing...excl insurance, THC, packing materials cost. $8 per additional cu ft.

By the looks of it - I see a couple of negative comments here and there about Global Ocean. Haven't seen anything bad about Meyer's.

Any thoughts on both of them?? And if someone can tell me if I am missing something on the quotes?

Below is details on Meyers - can't find the same from global ocean freight.

Meyer's Mayflower Moving & Storage

N.Y.D.O.T. # T11162

NJ Public Utilities Commission: PM 00691

U.S.D.O.T. #125563


Department of Consumer Affairs LIC. 0916755

Federal Maritime Commission - LIC # 018759NF

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Re: Moving from New York to Singapore

Postby hardatwork » Fri Mar 21, 2008 7:18 pm

What is wrong with these so call international movers these days?

Never accept a Door to Door quote unless they include any port, terminal handling charge, DDC, and shipping lines agents fees in their quotation.

If they do not include these fees they are an inexperience international shipper. All truly legitimate experienced international mover know beforehand what all overseas ports fees will be and will include them in a legitimate quotation.

It might be their intention to cheat you. They do not include the fees then when you arrive overseas their agent will collect from you any amount they demand. In this case they will tell you that was an estimate only and the costs are now $ 450, $ 500 maybe even $ 750 and there is absolutely NOTHING you can do about it. You will pay or you will not get your goods. You are a one time shipper which they have no reason to worry about cheating. They covered themselves by saying the fees aren’t included in the quotation from the beginning and you accepted the quotation anyway.

Protect yourself and demand they include all destination port related fees in their Door to Door quotation. If they can’t, then move on to a more experienced international mover.

One question I would ask Meyers would be how are you going to verify the final cubic footage of your shipment? Is the 230 cubic feet the net volume of your shipment which is once they pack all of your small items into cartons and have wrapped the furniture items inside your residence? Or is it based on the gross volume of your shipment which is after they over-pack your goods for shipping purposes? They might be placing your 230 cubic feet into wooden crates or on pallets, if so your volume it going to increase considerably over the 230 cubic feet. They must supply you a cube sheet showing the items they surveyed and their cubic footage whish is what they are using to base their rate on. If the cubic footage on the cube sheet is 230 then you will be paying more then the quoted price. Protect yourself and know in advance how they will calculate their final charges.

In regards the Global quote that one is completely worthless and should be thrown away and not even considered. They are excluding packing material costs which is a must on any Door to Door move, excluding them is like selling you a new car except the price does not include the tires and steering wheel!

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Re: Moving from New York to Singapore

Postby anitakri » Fri Mar 21, 2008 9:46 pm

this is very helpful...thanks a lot. Will ask Meyers for what you've mentioned.

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