Moving within Begen Cty, NJ--Duffy Movers?

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Moving within Begen Cty, NJ--Duffy Movers?

Postby Nikki810 » Thu May 04, 2006 8:18 pm

I'm getting ready for a move within Bergen County (a mere 6.5 miles) in July and need to find a reputable mover.

When I moved to my current home 14 years ago from Clifton, NJ, I used Duffy Movers from Ridgefield Park, NJ. They'd come recommended to me and I had an extremely good experience with them. They did a great job of packing me, labeled the boxes efficiently and didn't break a thing.

Since I moved so long ago, I have no idea if this moving company is still a good one all these years later.

Does anyone have experience with Duffy? I've not seen anything on this site about them, and know that there are a few others that are usually mentioned as being reputable, but I'm just curious if Duffy is still a good one to go with.

Thanks in advance.

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