Is there ever a silver lining?

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Is there ever a silver lining?

Postby jtw » Mon Oct 31, 2005 4:29 pm

long time listener, first time caller...

I am moving from Atlanta to Tampa this month and had 3 onsite estimates done(Bekins, Suddath Relocation Systems/United Van Lines, and AVL Atlanta Transport). All three were asked to provide me with binding not to exceed estimates(not to include packing, just furniture).

Never did hear back from the Bekins guy so we're down to 2.
Suddath is at $3417 and AVL Atlanta Transport was at $4500. Each came up with the same weight 8900 lbs and told me the price was for weight and not for cubic feet. As AVL Atlanta Transport is a "local" company and the rep seemed genuine(if there is such a thing) I gave ATL a crack at topping Suddath. AVL agreed to match the quote at $3500 and waive their "50%" deposit, but I would need to purchase my own insurance through

Why did Suddath tell me my stuff is covered under "Tariff Level of Carrier Liability" and charge me $333 dollars for $50,000 worth of coverage. I only wish my goods were worth that much!

What is the difference between moving insurance and "Tariff Level of Carrier Liability"? How do I make sure that if the movers cut a hole in my leather couch or ding the heck out of my dining room table the damaged will be repaired or replaced without any headaches or out of pocket costs on my part.

I just want fair service at a fair price.....

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Re: Is there ever a silver lining?

Postby Diane » Mon Oct 31, 2005 4:58 pm

AVL Atlanta Transport is on the Blacklist here, if it's the company with website - Asking for a 50% deposit is a huge red flag. Drop this company immediately. It would almost certainly jack up the price. I feel that is also a dubious company run by a dubious person, Gadi Binness.

Here's a thread on which industry people were recommending both Suddath (United) and Atlantic Relocation (Atlas) for a move between your two cities, partly on the basis of choosing an agent that had offices in both Atlanta and Tampa -

I don't know why Suddath assigned you $50K worth of coverage, but that would be about $5/pound. So if your leather couch weighing 150 pounds is gouged and it could not be "satisfactorily" repaired (big gray area, by the way) they would theoretically pay you $750. If you don't pay for this coverage, their liability would be limited to 60 cents a pound, or $90.

However, my understanding is that you can get free full replacement value valuation coverage with Atlas agents if your move is at least 5000 pounds and you have AAA. So you might want to get a quote from Atlantic Relo as well. There is a complaint about a late shipment to the Northeast with Atlantic Relo-Tampa - However, Atlantic has won quality awards from Atlas Van Lines, a good sign.


Re: Is there ever a silver lining?

Postby AVL NO INSURANCE » Wed Mar 29, 2006 6:47 am

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