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ABF U-Pack

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Reviews for ABF U-Pack

Matthew R. 06/07/16
I used Upack for a move from Florida to Ohio in June. All did not go as planned...
They arrived late to pick up the shipment (took them 3 days from when I called them.) They got everything to the destination at the very end of the time frame for delivery (7 days, but that was starting after pickup). The ABF trailers have absolutely no shock absorption, so everything was damaged. The movers who helped me un-pack said that every time they unpack a U-pack trailer, at least one piece of furniture is broken. Of course, they will likely claim that you packed it improperly so they aren't liable.
THERE WAS WATER DAMAGE! And it was to the items in the front of the trailer! Rusty water soaked through furniture pads, into a couch, through plastic and a furniture pad into a mattress, and through numerous other items of lesser value. This was in the front of the truck, so how water got there is beyond me. There was rust present though, so it obviously wasn't the first time. This they should be liable for... They say they will cover damages they are liable for on a per item, per pound basis. But that's easily said, hard to do when...
wait for it..
The claims department apparently doesn't exist! Over 2 months later and I still haven't gotten a reply. I've submitted the claim multiple times, emailed multiple people multiple times, tried calling and still not heard back. When you call the claims department, you get a machine that tells you to press "0" for operator, then says there's no operators available, and then hangs up. Guess that's how you deal with unhappy customers!
Best hope your items don't get damaged! After the frustration of unpacking soaking wet furniture and boxes, they'll make you think they'll reimburse you for the damage they caused, but then give you the silent treatment!
So anyways, apparently I'm not getting reimbursed for over $1000 in water damage.
Just wanted to post a review so people would see what they are risking. Spend the little extra on a professional moving service. They will actually take care of you.

Judie D. 09/25/15
Before deciding on a DIY moving company I did a lot of research. I compared prices, size of moving cubes, and reviews. I came upon which helped me with the bulk of my research. I ended up choosing ABF U-Pack based on the customer reviews and their pricing is very reasonable. The quote was exactly what they said it would be. The drivers who dropped off and picked up were professional and friendly. I am so glad I choose ABF U-Pack.

Liberty B. 06/26/15
This review is based entirely on the drop off part of the move. Getting the trailer was a breeze.

I called yesterday (7/6/15) morning at 8:30am to find out when my delivery was to be expected. My mom and sister needed to get to the airport and I had to make arrangements if I had to stay and wait for the delivery. I explained this and I'd rather not just leave the trailer unlocked for 3 hours. They told me within an hour or two. I was so very excited because that would allow me to lock the trailer with my own lock and bring them.

11am comes and I have to stay behind and wait. Next thing I know it's 2pm, so I call. I'm told the freight will be delivered after 4pm because they're waiting for a ramp (remember this). I'm irritated at this point because I could've seen my mom and sister off. Not to mention nobody had called me to inform me of anything. I always had to do the calling. 5:30 rolls around. I call back to get "There's no drivers here and wont be until 6pm. You'll be the first stop and the location isn't too far from you so it should arrive shortly after he gets here". Right. So I look it up. According to google maps the location is 12 miles away at an estimated 20 minute drive. I call just before 7pm. No answer. I call again. No answer. My husband (who had to be up at 3am this morning and certainly did not want to be taking in a truck at this hour) calls from his phone. Pick up right away. U-Pack tells us it's on route and will be there in 15-20 minutes. I call 7:34 because it's still not there. I'm PISSED at this point. Someone tells me it's 6.6 miles away from me. Oh! Weird! It took this truck to go 3 miles in over half an hour? Explain how that makes any sense. Especially after repeatedly hearing "you're the trucks first stop" I should think so anyway as the site boasts no other orders share your truck.

The truck finally arrives just after 8pm. WITHOUT A RAMP. Why. Why. WHY. Did I have to wait 6 hours because the truck didn't have a ramp only to receive a truck WITHOUT ONE!?!? My favorite part is the driver called a dispatch named Kal. Who said he'd send someone out. Nobody came. The ramp isn't the issue, the truck got unloaded just fine. (Including a bunch of damaged boxes. I'm unpacking today and am not looking forward to seeing how much of my stuff is broken.) The issue is the promises made that are not kept. This morning when I spoke with a Chris who gave a half- hearted at best apology and an empty promise to "talk to the team". I also notice my husbands military discount wasn't applied and he told me that someone will call me back regarding the situation. I'm not holding my breath about it. Basically if you enjoy being told a bunch of things that wont happen and have all day to wait around, then sure, hire these guys.

Mike B. 05/21/13
First class service!
Dropped off the trailer when promised, and worked with me to get it into a narrow driveway. Explained things well and made sure I was OK before leaving.

Delivery was within the promised window (and I'm way out of the nearest town, 80 miles from the terminal). ONe day delay in picking up the empty trailer, but they called to let me know that inclement weather was going to cause that delay.

So, good communication and service with a very reasonable price.

If you are moving to a location that isn't close to the terminal, give them a call. The website would not allow delivery to my house, but when I talked to the scheduler it turned out to be possible.

I'd use them again and have recommended their service to others.

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