About Us

MovingScam.com has been helping consumers avoid rogue movers since 2001. We are an advocate for the consumer, and as such have drawn criticism from certain quarters within the moving industry. On a daily basis, we assist consumers in finding an appropriate solution to their particular situation, both in finding a mover who can safely guide consumers through the moving process and in guiding consumers in trouble to the government and independent agencies who may be able to help resolve problems. Our site is staffed with volunteers who willingly give up endless hours in pursuit of this goal. They answer questions about moving regulations, customs and quotes, in an attempt to educate the consumer and help them make informed decisions about their move. Volunteers consist of former consumers as well as active professional and retired movers.

While it is true, that our web site draws an income, that income is utilized in achieving the goals that have been with us since the beginning, such as protecting consumers from those who would take advantage of them through illegitimate means. We have always been transparent about where this money comes from. By recommending movers on our “Companies we Endorse” List the site draws just enough income to continue the pursuit of matching consumers with honest, hardworking movers across the country.

Companies endorsed by MovingScam.com have gone through an extensive screening process similar to the processes other associations use. These movers are among the hundreds of companies currently operating that have dedicated themselves to offering the best service they can possibly offer at a competitive rate. Screening includes reviewing information on the web sites of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the BBB, various state associations, independent web sites across the web, our own message boards, word of mouth, and in most cases on-site surveys. Movers will not make this list until we are absolutely sure they are reliable and credible companies with whom we ourselves would feel comfortable moving.

While the site’s operating costs are supported by our endorsed movers, we will always take the consumer’s individual needs into consideration first when suggesting a specific company or three – not to hire outright but to add to a list from which to request estimates – whether that company be a pre-screened MovingScam.com accepted mover or another mover backed up with numerous good reviews or the recommendation by a trusted professional volunteering at MovingScam.Com.

Our site draws constant criticism from both sides of the moving industry, but it survives by the power of the consumers it protects and the volunteers who assist them. For those who doubt our objectives, we invite you to come and have a look at our message boards and how we work to protect those we serve. We greatly appreciate the wisdom of professional movers who give of their knowledge.

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