A Note About Posting Moving Company Reviews

Article posted by on July 07, 2013

By Jeff Walker

When posting moving company┬áreviews, please take some time to give us some detail as to how your move went! More important than letting people know you had a good move with a mover is actually why you had a good move with your mover. A detailed response will let other consumers know why they should use the company you reviewed, and will cause less concern as to whether or not the review you posted is genuine. The primary reason for this is because some of the more unscrupulous movers out there will pay a marketing firm to plant fake reviews on that company’s behalf. This makes it doubly important that you take the time to write a detailed review.

With the addition of the Review Verification System, we would also ask that you include your invoice or bill of lading number. This will help the company you review verify that they did in fact perform your move, and help them help you. For example, if your move didn’t go as well as planned, a reputable moving company *wants* to know so they can correct their mistakes and keep your business! If your move did go as smoothly as you would have liked, your review helps them generate new business by helping other consumers like you find them. Please note, however, that if you have been caught in the middle of a bait and switch or other scam, this may not be the best advice to you. We ask that you use common sense in deciding whether or not to include your invoice or bill of lading number.

In addition to providing a detailed review, it also should be stressed that if you had a good experience with a mover, please come back and let us know. Statistically, only 1 in 10 consumers provides a review when they’ve had a positive experience with a mover, and in this business, it is important not only to other consumers, but to the mover who did a great job for you to have that positive experience posted publicly.

We very much appreciate your taking the time to write a review of your company no matter what experience you had. It is informative and helps others make their decisions as to who to select for a mover.

Jeff Walker
President, MovingScam.com

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