Top 7 CRM for Movers

Article posted by on November 29, 2023

In the moving industry, companies face the intricate challenge of managing detailed sales processes, precise move planning, and extensive paperwork. The right tools are essential for success and protection against the risks of errors and scams. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a powerful ally, providing a centralized system for movers to oversee their operations. These systems do more than just streamline task management—they enhance the security measures necessary for protecting customer interests. Our focus on the best CRM for movers aims to highlight solutions that simplify workflows and offer rigorous attention to detail. These are crucial elements in an industry where timing is everything, and customer trust is on the line. Explore some of the best movers software options with MovingScam and choose the one that fits your needs.

How CRM Features Help Build Customer Trust and Improve Security

In the moving industry, where details and dependability are paramount, CRM features are instrumental in building a solid foundation of customer trust while improving the security of the entire moving process. These systems provide a comprehensive approach to managing customer data and interactions. That way, they create a secure environment for both clients and moving companies.

A professional mover using one of the best CRM software for movers on a tablet

CRM software for movers will streamline your operations and bring you more clients.

Here is a list of key CRM features that are particularly effective in achieving these goals:

  • Audit trails – Maintain a detailed log of all activities, including customer communications, transactions, and documentation, which helps identify and prevent fraudulent activities.
  • Data encryption – Secure sensitive customer information through advanced encryption, protecting against data breaches and unauthorized access.
  • Automated alerts – Set up notifications for any unusual activity within the system, such as abnormal booking patterns or inconsistent payments, to quickly detect and address potential moving scams.
  • Consistent communication – Automate and track customer communications to ensure messages are consistent and follow company policy.
  • Accurate record-keeping – Keep precise records of services offered, quotes, and invoices, which not only prevents disputes but also ensures transparency in customer dealings.
  • Integration with other systems – Combine CRM with other software for a holistic view of the business operations, reducing the gaps where fraudulent activities could occur.
  • Access controls – Assign user permissions within the CRM to ensure that only authorized personnel can access sensitive customer information and financial data.

7 Best CRM for Moving Companies

We chose the following seven best CRM software for movers based on the security features listed above, as well as ease of use and affordability:

  1. MoversTech CRM
  2. MoveitPro CRM
  3. Movegistics CRM
  4. SmartMoving
  5. Supermove
  6. CompuMove Software
  7. eMover Software

MoversTech CRM

MoversTech CRM is at the top of our list of the best CRM for moving companies because it prioritizes not just operational efficiency but also robust security measures. As software designed specifically for the moving industry, it offers an interface that simplifies complex processes, providing an optimal balance of user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. MoversTech CRM for moving companies addresses the industry’s demand for straightforward yet comprehensive software at the starting price of $99.

Screenshot of MoversTech, one of the best CRM for moving companies

Source: MoversTech

MoversTech CRM caters precisely to the organizational demands of moving companies, offering solutions from lead generation to claim management within a secure, cloud-based platform. This shift away from paper-based systems allows businesses to expand with greater security.

The software enhances core operational functions such as scheduling and job oversight while integrating robust security protocols like encryption and secure user authentication. These features are vital for safeguarding client data and protection against fraudulent activities. Real-time data access provided by the system is also a key defense, enabling swift verification of transactions and move-related information.

As companies develop, MoversTech CRM scales its services to match them. Its features grow to support a company’s increasing requirements. As one of the best CRM for movers, this software focuses on minimizing service interruptions through responsive customer support. It also offers robust analytics tools to help movers oversee business activities. That way, MoversTech allows companies to identify and address irregularities proactively.

MoveitPro CRM

MoveitPro CRM deserves a spot among the best movers CRM options as it is designed to streamline the complexity of moving operations. While it offers a range of features to enhance efficiency and customer service, it stands a step behind MoversTech CRM.

With its cloud-based structure, MoveitPro facilitates accessible job scheduling and customer management, contributing positively to the day-to-day logistics of moving services. Its interface is intuitive, simplifying the management of move details and customer interactions, which is vital for maintaining professional service standards. Security-wise, MoveitPro includes measures to protect customer information and transaction details.

Screenshot of MoveitPro CRM for movers

Source: MoveitPro

The pricing plans for this software start at $150.00 per month, making it a bit more expensive but still reasonably priced.

Movegistics CRM

As the third on the list of the best CRM software for movers, Movegistics CRM is a viable choice for moving companies looking to optimize their operations and enhance customer relations. Its rich feature set is designed to cover a broad spectrum of moving company needs, from sales management to post-move services. The cost is also attractive, starting at starting at $99 a month.

This CRM solution automates several aspects of the moving process, offering tools for detailed inventory management, job costing, and on-the-go mobile estimates. These capabilities can indeed improve the efficiency of moving companies and help them maintain accurate records. When it comes to security features, Movegistics CRM provides a secure environment to manage customer data.

Screenshot of movegistics as one of the best software for movers

Source: Movegistics


SmartMoving CRM offers no details regarding pricing but provides moving companies with a robust suite of tools to manage their businesses effectively. It stands out with features aimed at automating key business processes, enhancing customer engagement, and streamlining day-to-day tasks.

What places SmartMoving on the list of the best software for movers and sets it apart is its emphasis on marketing automation and sales funnel management, helping companies attract and retain customers with less manual effort. Its dynamic scheduling system and integrated communication channels enable movers to respond swiftly to customer inquiries, which is crucial in maintaining a trustworthy reputation. SmartMoving also safeguards sensitive customer information and employs measures to ensure data integrity.

Smartmoving CRM

Source: SmartMoving

For moving companies looking to improve their workforce management and increase their marketing potential, SmartMoving is a solid contender. Its analytical capabilities can also provide valuable insights for business growth.

Supermove CRM

Supermove CRM is a modern solution for moving companies, focusing on simplifying customer management and operational processes. Its standout feature is a user-friendly interface with a mobile app that allows movers to manage jobs and customer interactions directly from the field. This option increases responsiveness and flexibility.

Like the other best CRM software for movers on our list, Supermove also provides essential security measures. It integrates well with other tools, making it an efficient and user-centric choice.

As for the price, the company offers no details on the website, so you need to contact them for more information.

Supermove CRM screenshot

Source: Supermove

CompuMove Software

CompuMove Software is a comprehensive system that integrates CRM capabilities with moving company management. It can handle the demands of the moving industry well, from estimating and dispatch to storage and accounting.

CompuMove offers an all-in-one approach that can benefit companies looking to centralize their operations. It includes standard security protocols to protect customer information. It also provides a customizable Job System that adapts to each installation. This makes it an ideal choice for a range of moving operations, from mid-sized companies to large enterprises with multiple branches, including those that offer niche services. Given this adaptability, CompuMove rightly deserves a place among the best movers software, although this company doesn’t provide any pricing details on the website either.

CompuMove CRM for moving company screenshot

Source: CompuMove

eMover Software

Last but not least on our list of the best CRM for moving companies is eMover Software, with an affordable starting price of $114.00 a month. It provides a tailored solution for moving companies seeking efficiency and better organization. Designed to accommodate the unique needs of movers, eMover Software facilitates various aspects of the moving process, from scheduling to customer relationship management.

The software is known for its adaptability, allowing moving businesses to customize features to their specific operational workflows. This makes eMover a versatile tool for businesses of different sizes and scopes, which also includes necessary security measures.

For moving companies looking for a flexible and comprehensive CRM system, eMover is a viable option as one of the best CRM for movers.

eMover CRM for movers

Source: eMover

Choose Among the Best CRM for Movers, Improve Security, and Build Trust

The right CRM system is crucial for improving movers’ operations and enhancing customer security. These platforms are indispensable for streamlining business processes and fortifying against scams. Consequently, some of the best CRM for moving companies help foster customer trust. At the same time, they help position you as a reputable moving company. Each of the top movers software options discussed offers unique strengths. However, it’s vital to choose one that aligns with your needs. Getting CRM is smart for any company aiming to optimize business and safeguard clients in the competitive moving industry.