How to budget for a move

Article posted by on March 03, 2014

By Jim Sullivan, Humboldt Storage & Moving

Every time we turn around, someone is asking us or telling us to do a budget. If it’s not the financial dollar3gurus on television, it’s our boss, asking us to create a budget for a project or telling us to stick to a budget. And with good reason…

Budgets hold us accountable and keep us from getting ourselves in trouble with money. The same holds true when you are moving. You need a budget. There are so many parts of a move including packing, supplies for moving such as boxes and then setting up your new home so a budget can help you move with a little more ease and make it much less stressful in the long run.

Here are a number of items to consider when it comes to budgeting for a move:

It’s more than just the move: While you’ll certainly need to pay the movers, there are several other expenses you’ll need to consider such as packing supplies, hotels and transportation such as plane tickets or a train to your new destination. You’ll also want to budget for meals and any other unexpected items that pop up. You know they always do…

coatWhat can you do yourself? That process of moving can add up so think about the things around the home you might be able to handle yourself. Can you unhook your washer and dryer? Can you manage your own utility transfers or do you even want to take on the job of packing everything? You’ll need to decide what you’re willing to do to save a few bucks.

Moving for a job? If you’re moving for a job, you most likely will be given money from your employer for moving. Most employers in this day and age give you a lump sum to move. It’s up to you to manage that money. Before you get too far into the move, find out what the deal is with your company and manage that money properly.

Estimates: Always get three estimates from moving companies and make sure the movingMoving Estimates company comes to your home. And don’t ever settle for a moving estimate over the internet. In order for a moving company to give you an accurate estimate, they need to tour the home. Help the moving company be more accurate by showing them everything you need moved. If you show them an extra room of items on moving day, you’re sure to incur more costs.

Move less stuff…One sure way to trim down your moving expenses is to lighten the load. Ways to trim down your move are to donate items to charity, have a yard sale, give items to family and friends and if you can, throw things away. Every home has something that has just been sitting there for eternity. Clean some house…

Sticking to a moving budget will ultimately save you the stress of spending all kinds of money, getting to your new home with less money than you thought you had and allow you to control the move that much better. Set a budget, manage the move properly and stick to that number.