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Article posted on September 21, 2017

Moving Tip: Buy Moving Boxes from a Pro

By Jeff Walker A lot of people would rather perform a do-it-yourself (DIY) move to try to save some money on their move rather than hiring a professional moving company to do it for them.  To some deg

Article posted on August 24, 2017

Auto Transport: Leave Your Stuff Out Of It

By Jeff Walker For the most part at, we tend to focus on household goods shipments, because that is where the majority of the problems occur and what the majority of consumers coming to

Article posted on August 17, 2017

Poor Planning: Choosing a Moving Company based on Price

By Jeff Walker OK, times are tough.  The economy has a lot of us shopping cheaply and Wal-Mart has trained us to look for the absolute rock-bottom prices on the planet for anything that is for sale. 

Article posted on August 10, 2017

What’s in a number – DOT & MC licensing

By Jeff Walker Every interstate household goods moving company must be licensed and insured to operate. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) assigns DOT and MC license numbers to ea

Article posted on August 03, 2017

Red Flag: The high deposit

By Jeff Walker Seems reasonable enough.  When you call around for an apartment, they want a deposit to secure your new home.  Many utility companies still require a deposit for their services, as do m

Article posted on July 27, 2017

Red Flag: The Phone Estimate

By Jeff Walker At, we’ve gone over this time and time again. It’s almost like beating a dead horse, but it’s one of the most fundamental mistakes that can be made in any move. Which is

Article posted on July 20, 2017

Traveling With Your Pet

By Jeff Walker & “Jake” Often times, there is so much going on with a move that our furry or feathered friends get ignored, or at the very least, we don’t think about what it will take to move the

Article posted on July 06, 2017

Reviewing online reviews

By Jeff Walker Disinformation has been around almost as long as our sources of information, and in today’s modern era of social media, multi-media and heavy opinions, it is no different.  Almost as so

Article posted on March 02, 2015

Making a move easier for children and the elderly

By Suddath Relocation Moving is truly a life-changing moment for both children and the elderly, which is why adults should proceed with special care in these situations. Discuss the move with your kid

Article posted on February 10, 2015

Safe Packing Practices

Safe Packing Practices By Suddath Relocation Systems When it comes time to pack your belongings for the big move, it pays to take a little extra time to make sure it’s done right to avoid accidents or

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