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Article posted on October 07, 2013

The Do-It-Yourself Move (Part 3): Moving Day

By Jeff Walker So, you’ve made all your preparations, you’ve reserved your truck and moving day has finally arrived!  Your Do-It-Yourself Move is coming together.  Time to throw all those boxes you’ve

Article posted on October 04, 2013

The Do-It-Yourself Move (Part 2): Packing

By Jeff Walker Packing is a critical aspect to anyone performing a do-it-yourself move.  These are your worldly possessions, after all, and you’ll want to avoid as much damage to those items as possib

Article posted on October 04, 2013

The Do-It-Yourself Move (Part 1): Planning your move

By Jeff Walker Moving yourself can save a lot of money and stress, but it can also be a really frustrating experience to those who’ve never been through the process before.  It takes a lot of pl

Article posted on October 03, 2013

Customer Service Part 4: Two sides to every coin

By Jeff Walker While companies have a vested interest in serving their clients well, it can also be said that a good consumer knows that treating the person on the other end of the phone, even in a di

Article posted on October 02, 2013

Customer Service Part 3: Tools of the Trade (Continued)

By Jeff Walker In my last customer service article, we talked about some of the tools that are important when dealing with customers.  In this article, we will continue adding tools to the customer se

Article posted on September 02, 2013

Customer Service Part 2: Tools of the Trade

By Jeff Walker In my last article, I wrote about customer service and defined just what good customer service is all about. In this article we’ll take a look at ways to achieve good customer service,

Article posted on August 26, 2013

Customer Service Part 1: What is it?

By Jeff Walker Customer service is something I’ve had a passion for, since the beginning of my adult life. Having been a customer myself, and having served customers, I am keenly aware of how my behav

Article posted on August 19, 2013

Consumers Guide to the Review Verification System

By Jeff Walker The Review Verification System (RVS) is a unique way of collecting data on your experience with your move. Its primary purpose is to let other consumers know about that experience and a

Article posted on August 12, 2013

Positive Reviews are Just as Important as the Negative Ones

By Jeff Walker As the internet has increasingly given us a public forum on which to post our views, history has shown us that a company will sit up and take notice when their reputation is on the line

Article posted on August 05, 2013

Quick Tip: Changing to a New Cellular Service after Your Move

A few years ago, I found myself moving from one location in the US to another. Shortly after we moved in, I found that my current cell provider wasn’t cutting the mustard in our new location, and need

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