Corrigan International

Article posted by on June 10, 2013

Established in 1968, Corrigan International manages and oversees your entire international moving process for your consignment.   Our dedicated experienced international relocation team will take care of all of the critical documentation and complex logistics processes for you in order to provide you with peace of mind during your relocation.



Due to the performance it’s parent company, has decided to endorse Corrigan International.  Corrigan has a great track record with their clients, insuring their move goes as well as possible.  In addition they have an unparalleled record for following up with all their clients after the move, regardless of how their move turned out (good or bad).  Corrigan has won many quality awards for customer choice over the years and we feel this will translate well into their international business.

Corrigan International Relocation

Established in 1968, Corrigan’s International division manages and oversees our customers’ entire international moving process from the household standpoint. Our team will handle the loading and unloading of your goods, and also take care of the critical documentation and complex logistics throughout the process, so you don’t have to. Our highly trained international relocations team works to provide a seamless transition for you, wherever in the world you may be moving. Corrigan International also offers translation services, storage and temporary housing arrangements, a furniture rental program, and a variety of custom packing and crating solutions.

Corrigan International has office locations in both Columbia City IN and Farmington Hills MI to service all your international moving needs.

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