What makes an Endorsed mover “Endorsed”?

Article posted by on October 28, 2013

At MovingScam.com, we make no money from the consumers who visit our site.  All information is free to consumers and questions are handled by people who volunteer on the forums.  So how do we keep the site up and running?  Through the endorsed movers program.  Endorsed movers are companies who have garnered enough attention through consumer reviews, statements made by people who work in the moving industry and volunteers who perform extensive research to warrant an invitation to help support the site.  We feel that in order for a mover to become endorsed mover, we have to trust them enough that we feel that YOU can trust them.  To become an endorsedmover, a company must:

• The company must have a history of consistent excellence in business for at least five years.
• The company must stand up to a rigorous background check.
• The company must have positive consumer reviews going back for at least 6 months, possibly as far as 18 months depending on inception date.  Negative reviews are not a dis-qualifier, but this may depend on how the company reacts to the situation as stated by the consumer.
• The company must have no complaints of hostage moves.
• Recommendations from Pro-Movers who volunteer on our site.
• Have garnered enough attention through positive consumer posts, recommendations by volunteers and consumers to warrant an invitation from MovingScam.com to become an endorsed mover.

While there are many good, reputable moving companies out there, our endorsed movers haveThis company is a MovingScam.com Endorsed Mover gone through a pre-screening process to the point at which we feel confident in their ability to offer high quality and excellence in their field.  You can find a list of our endorsed movers on our home page at www.movingscam.com.

The perfect move
Any reputable mover should have the ability to give you a good move, but no company is perfect.  Statistics show that between 1 in 3, to 1 in 4 moves will have a claim (for damages or lost items) filed after the move.  While we feel that our endorsed movers are the best of the best, even endorsed movers have had a complaint every now and then.  What separates the endorsed movers (or a reputable moving company, for that matter) from everyone else, is how they react when something goes wrong.  We know from experience with our endorsed movers, that they will work hard to make a move that didn’t go as planned, as right as possible.  Make sure you keep your expectations realistic when planning your move by understanding that, while not everything will go as smoothly as you would like, your mover most likely doesn’t want you to have a problem with your move any more than you do!

A Job Well Done
reviewsThis is something I stress quite frequently when writing about the moving industry, but it bears repeating.  Good or bad, we want your reviews.  Positive reviews on a company are hard to come by, primarily because history has shown that an angry consumer is ten times more likely to come back and talk about their experience than someone who had a good experience.  Think about this: If people only came back and posted about their bad experiences, how would you know who the good guys are?  Positive reviews are critical in understanding which companies are safe and which are not.  So please take the time to come back and let us know what went well in your move, and where your mover could improve, and try to be as objective as possible when laying out the details of your move.  The consumers following in your footsteps will appreciate your taking the time to let them know how your move went.

No endorsed mover in your area?
Chances are likely that there is an endorsed mover willing to perform your move.  However, there are some sections of the map that are quite a distance from any of the endorsed movers.  If you’re mover comfortable using a mover in your area, check out our Super List for a mover in your state. https://www.movingscam.com/superlist.shtml.

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