Making a move easier for children and the elderly

Article posted by on March 02, 2015

By Suddath Relocation

Moving is truly a life-changing moment for both children and the elderly, which is why adults should proceed with special care in these situations.

Discuss the move with your kidsBoy talking to his family
To make this move manageable for your kids, there will need to be some steps taken on your part.

  • Explain to them gently why this move is mandatory
    • Hear their side of the story
    • Tell them all the great aspects that will come with this move
    • Don’t try to force a reaction to happen and allow them to adjust on their own
  • Allow your older kids to take a part in the move
    • Show them photographs of the potential homes
    • When you narrow down your list of homes you want to move into, bring the kids along for a tour
    • From the carpets to the closets, let them see what their room will look like
  • Invite over your family and friends
    • Throw a small party at your home to say one last goodbye to all those you will miss from your community
  • Involve them in the packing stage
    • Give any old clothes or toys to charity, or else get rid of them completely
    • Save some items to occupy your kids on the car ride
    • Put together an ‘Open Me First’ box filled with items that will be needed first at the new house
  • Say goodbye to your community properly
  • Visit all of your town’s best locations one last time

happy family with book or photo album at homeShow older family members just what this move has to offer them
Don’t forget about the elderly members of your family. They will need some guidance through this move, too.

  • Get them involved in the home selection
    • Show them pictures of the homes you’re considering moving into and hear what their feelings are on it
    • Let them know exactly where in the new home all their stuff will be moved into
  • Let them have time to adjust to the news before actually moving
    • Sometimes change is hard to accept, so let the news settle in first before taking action
  • Give them time to reminisce on each item while packing
    • Some items hold a lot of memories, while others don’t, so give them plenty of time to sort through what they want to pack up and discard.
  • Recreate their old room
    • By making their new room like identical to the one they’re leaving behind, the move will become much easier for them to accept
  • Keep the important items in arm’s reach
  • Not every item has to go with the movers, so let whatever products they feel are most important stay by their side.

With simple tips like this, moving will be a much easier transition for children and older individuals.