Meathead Movers

Article posted by on July 05, 2011

Mid-size award-winning company staffed by student athletes. Focuses on San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles and Orange Counties and serves other California locations.


One of the fastest growing companies in the industry, chose to endorse Meathead Movers in April of 2011 due to the many good reviews and comments made about them on this web site.  The company, which was started by the brothers Aaron and Evan Steed in 1997, is run like a cross between a sports team and the military, with lots of camaraderie thrown in (Read about their history here). Emphasis is on service, dependability, and value forPaperwork money. Meathead’s prices are not cheap, but its many business awards for excellent service posted in the “Trophy Room” of the website speak for themselves. Also, Meathead not only asks customers to submit reviews after every move, it believes so much in transparency that it has a third-party company post ALL those reviews – good or bad – uncensored and unaltered on its website.  Importantly, Meathead does not combine loads. Every shipment gets its own exclusive truck. Even more important, all movers are Meathead employees – no casual labor is used – and the workers who pick up a shipment are the workers who deliver it. This, plus selective hiring, thorough training, and careful monitoring of employees, is the key to quality.

The Meathead Difference

It is company policy that each Meathead who reports to duty each day arrives rested, clean-Meatheads Loading a moving truckshaven, in full uniform and ready to work hard.  Because Meatheads are usually enrolled in college, you can expect us to have high standards for ourselves and the work we produce.  Additionally, Meathead Movers is one of the few places that truly works around our student/athletes school and athletic commitments resulting in our employees really appreciating and respecting their job- we hope that enthusiasm shines through on your move.

Only Meathead Movers are required to JOG when NOT carrying your items saving you time Meathead Facilityand money.   On local moves, all moving companies charge on the hourly rate, so when our guys run back to the house it saves you time and money. The reason why we can work so hard is because we hire strong student athletes who are working their way through college.  Many clients think that this is just a marketing gimmick- it’s not: we are by far the hardest working movers ANYWHERE.  That’s why we only hire studs.

Since 2001, Meathead Movers has partnered with local women shelters and offered free moving services to any women who are looking to flee an abusive relationship.   We pledge to offer this much needed service to every community we serve and expand to in the future.  Offering these kind of moves to those who need it most is such a part of who we are, we added it to our mission statement and it is part of our hiring process. Additionally, we hold multiple “Girls’ Night Out” events each year where our handsome Meatheads serve tapas and cocktails to raise money for disadvantaged youth through CASA and the United Way.