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Article posted by on March 01, 2023

MoversTech is a cloud-based CRM platform that allows movers to manage their moving business smoothly. Starting from the basic functionalities like booking jobs and building a customer database, all the way to dispatching, processing payments, and optimizing the sales process – all those are features companies can rely on when partnering up with MoversTech.

Moving businesses can capture leads and keep track of all the customers in a well-organized easy-to-use moving company CRM, that is both flexible and customizable.

Everything in one place

MoversTech helps moving companies manage their daily operations while going entirely paperless. Designed by moving industry professionals, this user-friendly CRM for moving companies features tools and solutions that will boost efficiency within your organization.

The platform assists moving company owners, managers, and crew members to become more efficient by combining the complexity of the job into easy-to-use categories and functions. These aspects of the moving business can be fully manageable with the MoversTech features listed below:

  • Leads and Sales – Users can organize, track, and manage their moving leads and sales activities and run a successful, well-organized sales pipeline.
  • Jobs and Dispatching – With these cloud-based movers CRM companies can closely guide their workflows, assign jobs, dispatch crews and monitor day-to-day operations on all devices in order to improve and get better results the next time around.
  • Invoices, Payments & Card Processing – Moving companies can process orders easily by setting up automatic price calculations, creating contracts with eSignatues, and handling invoicing with the ability to process credit card payments directly through the CRM.
  • Claims Management – MoversTech is created by people who come from a background in moving, so they are well aware of all the complexities the job brings. Claims are inevitable but can be easily organized and managed with the right customer relationship management software.
  • Emails, Calls and Text Messages – Users can get creative with the email automation and target customers based on the stage of the move that they’re in, while managers can monitor communication logs and send emails and text messages to team members through the CRM.
  • Integrated Price Calculator – This feature is practical both for moving companies and their customers, where you can process orders easily by setting up automatic price calculations for all types of moving jobs.
  • Detailed Reports – The homepage dashboard gives a glimpse of the current stats. For those who are into charts and numbers, the“reports” section provides spot-on information and breaks it down into different categories.
  • Customization of Fields – The CRM gives users the option to customize the whole experience by creating new custom fields, deleting the default ones that are not necessary, delete or adding items or objects to make the layout tailored to the company’s specific needs.

Three monthly pricing plans available

Since every moving company has different needs, MoversTech offers three different plans to manage businesses. Basic, advanced, and unlimited are the options to choose from. Depending on the size of your business or how advanced you want your reports to be, you can choose the plan that best suits your moving company operations.

All three moving company CRM plans can be tried for free and scheduling a free demo is rather easy. You can schedule a free demo by filling out the form on the MoversTech website. After trying the CRM for free, you can choose to subscribe to a monthly plan and start improving your moving company’s productivity and effectiveness. During this process, you can expect the MoversTech sales team to be prompt in answering questions and addressing concerns.

Clearly visible benefits of using moving company software solutions

MoversTech is tailored for the moving industry, yet easily customizable and flexible enough to help companies overcome challenges by introducing a moving company CRM into their daily operations. By choosing a moving CRM system that works, company owners can take complete control of their business, having all the necessary information in one place. To make the process easy for the whole team, it is important for the CRM to be user-friendly, easy to use, and available on different types of devices. Without documents piling up, jobs unassigned, and inefficient teams, managing a moving business can become less complex, ultimately saving both time and money.

MoversTech onboarding process is straightforward

MoversTech dedicated support specialists are committed to making the onboarding experience easy. Their support team is available for any questions or concerns seven days a week and is skilled and equipped to help the whole organization transition to the new moving company CRM platform. Group training sessions and full support during the CRM integration process are available.

To learn more about MoversTech CRM for moving companies, please visit moverstech.com