Tour, Part 3

Article posted by on October 06, 2014

By Jeff Walker

The message boards are probably the longest running feature on, and in fact, the old web site was essentially “wrapped around” the forums.  While not unique to the internet, it does provide a means for visitors to ask questions and get responses from people who volunteer their time to help those who are relocating from one home to the next.  While some of these volunteers are previous or present consumers, many of them work in the moving industry and are the source of a lot of really great information!  The forums are the most active part of and where you’ll find most everything that is going on.

message boardsIn order to post to the forums, you’ll need to sign up for an account.  Doing so is relatively easy, quick and will allow you to pose your questions or comments to the message boards using your unique identity.  To begin, you’ll be asked to read through the “Terms of Service” and agree to the terms laid down.  Once you’ve done this, you can begin your registration.  All we require is an email address, username and password.  We do not sell the data we collect, but we may track it, depending on what’s been posted.

Once you’ve filled in the appropriate information, you’ll be asked to confirm that you’re a real live human being by typing in the registration confirmation code at the bottom of the screen.  Once done, click “Submit” and you’re done!

Posting to the message boards is relatively easy.  Once you’ve created your account or are logged in, click the “Message Board” menu item in the main menu to be presented with the various message boards available.  To post, simply click the forum relevant to your topic to enter that forum.  At the top of the forum, you’ll notice a “New Topic” button.  This will allow you to create your own post specific replyto your situation.  Clicking the “New Topic” button brings up a screen where you can input your topic and message you’d like to post.  When finished, click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen.  Keep in mind, we will need to approve your first post, but all subsequent posts will be posted immediately.  We do this to keep spammers posts to a bare minimum, so if you don’t see your post right away be patient with us, especially if you’re posting at night.

To reply to a topic, enter the topic you wish to discuss.  At the top of this page, you’ll see a “Reply” button.  Click this to post to add to an ongoing discussion.

If you’re posting a review, you can follow the steps in our “Consumers Guide to the Review Verification System”, or simply post it to the relevant forum.

This wraps up our tour of the website.  Make sure to refer your friends and family and keep coming back for new information.  Good luck on your move!