National Moving Month

Article posted by on April 28, 2014

By Jeff Walker

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Old MS Logo

When Tim Walker originally started in 2001, he did so hoping to let others know about the problems he ran into during his move, and found an entire community of people who either had similar problems, or were sympathetic to his cause.  He probably couldn’t have imagined at the time that we’d still be here over a decade later educating people on how to avoid con artists and have a safe and relatively trouble free move.

The American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) has designated May as “National Moving Month”, and kicks off this time of year with several awareness initiatives, trying to help consumers abandoned stuffbe aware that there are still rogues out there posing as moving companies in an attempt to get your money.   This speaks volumes to the fact that there is still a problem in the moving industry.  After all, why would you need programs to promote awareness if there wasn’t a problem?

At we see these problems every day, with messages 2-3 times a week from people caught in a scam in one form or another.  It is an ongoing problem that is currently without a solution.

In tying in to the AMSA’s theme of “National Moving Month”, we thought it a good idea to remind people what you can do to protect yourself.  All of the resources you need are right here at  If you have any doubts about the validity of the moving scam, you can read “The True Story” for an in depth look at Tim Walker’s account of his disastrous move.  To find out how these criminals operate, read “How Moving Scams Work”.  In an effort to help people walk through their move, we created “How to Find a Reputable Moving Company” as a step-by-step guide in doing a background check on your mover.

In addition, you have access to the volunteers on our message boards, where you can pose questions about your move and receive free advice from both consumers and professionals who spend their time here helping consumers just like you.  Our links page contains all sorts of 800px-Duct-tape_Moving_Van - Public Domainresources for both people who’ve found themselves in a scam, and for those looking for good information prior to their move and our “Articles” section contains helpful information no matter what your move situation.  Within those articles, you’ll find our “Red Flags” that can alert you to problems before you find yourself in them.  You’ll also find good information on what to find on your Bill of Lading, what’s the difference between a moving company and a Broker, and why you might want to purchase Full Valuation Protection.

As National Moving Month approaches, awareness becomes critical.  The largest segment of the moving population moves between the months of May and September, and as such, is usually when moving scams occur.  Take the extra time to use the resources presented to you on to make sure you have a safe and trouble free move, and if you find out we were able to help you, be sure to refer us to your friends and family.  Getting the word out is critical to solving the problem.  We very much appreciate your using and hope that we can help you with your move.