Positive Reviews are Just as Important as the Negative Ones

Article posted by on August 12, 2013

By Jeff Walker

As the internet has increasingly given us a public forum on which to post our views, history has shown us that a company will sit up and take notice when their reputation is on the line. In some ways this has had a very positive outcome, especially for those caught up in difficult situations, where a problem with a company has gone ignored or unaddressed by that company. History has also shown us that an angry customer is much more motivated to write a bad review than one who has had a pleasant experience. Our own data at MovingScam.com has shown that only 1 in 10 consumers who come here to use the information provided to them come back and write a review of any kind, with the greater majority of them being negative reviews.
reviewPosting a negative review has a lot of impact. It not only calls the company mentioned to action, it also serves as a warning to other potential customers that they may want to think twice before using that company. This can have a positive impact, as the company may be compelled to act, where it may have otherwise done nothing, or the situation may have slipped through the cracks. A negative review can also have a negative impact, where a good company found itself in a bad situation, simply because not all moves go according to plan. In fact, some research states that 1 in 4 moves will have some kind of damage. Does this make the company bad, simply because there was some damage to their customer’s goods during the course of the move? Certainly not. This is why we always recommend full valuation protection on any move.

Positive reviews are a lot harder to come by. With a negative review, the customer is motivated to publish their experience. They’re angry, and want the problems of their move addressed. And when they feel they aren’t getting the proper attention from their moving company, they take to the internet to resolve their complaint. On the other hand, if someone has had a good experience, they aren’t as motivated to tell the world about the great move they just had. There is no problem to fix, the work is done, and they are generally exhausted from their experience. To take the time to jump up on the internet and tell people about the company they just used, seems like just one more thing to add to an already busy schedule.

If you are reading this article, chances are good that you will find, or have found your mover right here on MovingScam.com. What elements of the web site brought you to your decision to go with review2mover “X”? If you have done your due diligence, it will have been a combination of things that led you to your decision. We commonly use the FMCSA’s “Protect Your Move” website to perform some of our research, the BBB, especially in terms of how many complaints a company has had in the last 3 years, and of course, reviews by consumers who have used the company we may be considering.

The importance of your positive reviews cannot be understated. Most importantly, they help your fellow consumers make their moving decisions based on what you have recommended (or not) to them through writing your review. Previous customer experiences are an important factor in helping current potential customers make their decision. In addition, reviews help the company you just used to know how they did. A really good review may contain elements that are both positive and negative, letting the company know exactly where they excelled, and where they need improvement. This is important for no other reason than to help improve the industry as a whole. Have no doubt, moving companies do pay attention to MovingScam.com and your review will be read by that company. The character of a company can really be defined by how they react to your review, positive, negative or mixed.

Lastly, positive reviews reflect on the people within the company that you used. A positive review that singles out someone for praise is like getting a letter of commendation. If you are sitting at your desk at your current job, and you just did something really great, wouldn’t you want the world to know about it? Absolutely! Wouldn’t a well thought out, letter of praise sent to your boss on your behalf make your day? Most definitely. A move is a complicated process that takes the orchestration of an entire group of people, getting them to the right place at the right time, and making sure that everything goes as planned.

There are many people in this process that have gone to great lengths to insure you have a good move. There are other consumers in line behind you, desperate for information on a good mover. Your good review is just as important as your desire to resolve an issue with a company with a bad one. In fact, it’s more important so we, and your fellow consumers know who the good guys are. Please take the time to make sure you come back and let us know how your move went. Good or bad, we want to know.

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