Quick Tip: Packing a Move Kit

Article posted by on February 06, 2014

By Jeff Walker

Moving time can be a confusing time for most of us.  So many things are going on at once it’s easy to forget the little things, and once your stuff is out your house and onto the moving truck, it’s gone until it reaches its destination.  While moving companies try to be as efficient as possible, chances are you’ll spend at least one night in your old house without your stuff, and one or more nights in your new place waiting for your stuff to arrive.  So what do I do without my stuff?

Create a Move Kit
Let’s assume for a moment that you’re going to spend some time waiting.  Waiting to leave, waitingMedium_box,_open for your stuff to arrive at your new home.    While most people plan ahead enough to pack a week’s worth of clothes, there are probably a lot of items they don’t think about.  While you’re packing up, let’s be sure to create a “Move Kit”.  This can be a suitcase or a box that you’re going to set aside, and won’t be loaded on the moving van, but will be something you pack in your trunk.  Make sure you label your move kit as such with the words “Do Not Load” in plain, bold lettering, and make sure the movers don’t load it on the truck on moving day.

The items we put in our Move Kit will depend on your own essential needs, but for the most part, we’re talking about everything you might need while your household belongings are out of your reach.  Things like toilet paper, towels, and garbage bags are all things people tend to forget they’ll need during their move.  If you have a medical condition, you’ll want to make sure you pack whatever medication you’ll need during your wait.  In addition, you may want to consider the following items for your move kit:

  • Dish Soap
  • Dish for each family member (if you plan on cooking)
  • Pot or Pan (again, if you plan to cook)
  • Easily cooked food items such as canned dinners or your favorite pasta
  • Paper towels
  • Box cutter (to open your boxes when they arrive)
  • Pet supplies (if you have a furry friend)
  • Towel for each family member
  • Shower curtain
  • Your shower stuff!  (Shampoo, conditioner, razors, toothbrush, toothpaste and soap)
  • Light source such as a lantern, candles or flashlight (in case your electricity hasn’t been turned on in your new home)
  • Moving papers (Make sure these don’t go on the truck!)
  • An emergency kit you can pick up at the store containing bandages, etc.move kit

You can, of course, pack more items if you wish, but keep in mind that you’ll already have a suitcase or three packed in the car for your move, so while you’re packing your essentials, you may want to limit yourself to the items you’ll absolutely need while your household goods are being delivered.  For more advice on moving, be sure to visit our “Moving Tips” section of our website at https://www.movingscam.com/articles/category/articles/moving-tips


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