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Article posted by on February 17, 2023

Verified Movers is a reliable source of information about almost every moving company in the USA. They make the selection process easier for their customers through sharing important info about movers, genuine reviews from users and giving useful tips that will make your whole moving process much simpler and straightforward.

Verified Movers Reviews is a practical database containing information and reviews of moving companies from around the US. The website is owned by experienced veterans of the moving industry who have developed this platform with an advanced fake reviews control system.
An average American moves around 11 times in their lifetime. That means that every year more than 3 million relocations take place in the USA. Verified Movers saw these people’s stories as a great source of information anyone moving can put to good use, and educate themselves on what can be expected. That is why they made sure those voices are easy to be shared and heard. In addition, those planning a relocation should hear about both positive and negative moving experiences. The platform helps them share knowledge and experience, thus helping others.

Verified Movers Reviews offers moving company profiles, their evaluations, resources (tips and blogs), as well as the lists of top movers in big cities according to Google ratings. All of their resources are updated on regular basis, so a user can be sure to get fresh data every time they visit the platform.

Moving company profiles

Verified Movers platform offers moving companies in the USA the option to present themselves through company profiles and promote their services to the clients. On the other hand, clients find this sort of information rather useful when in need of moving help. Users can research the companies they shortlist and decide which one to hire, by turning to verified movers reviews!

Moving company reviews

The safest way to relocate is through reaching professionals and letting them handle everything for you. Unfortunately, there are too many fraudulent movers on the market, many of whom have legitimate websites but moving crews unfit to perform the job right. To avoid them, one should trust those who have already moved – that is what the reviews and testimonials are for. Verified Movers gathers long distance movers reviews just like they do with interstate moving company reviews and makes them easily accessible to anyone visiting their website. That is how they make sure true quality stands out and is available to all.

Verified Movers database comprises more than 23000 moving companies from all parts of the USA. It contains their basic contact information and info on the services they offer, complete with the option of reviewing those companies. checks the reviews for plagiarism and spam, and try to reap out the fake ones to the best of their ability! They do their best to encourage honest reviews on one end, and they do spam, plagiarism and fake reviews check on the other.

Moving resources

Verified Movers has quite an impressive list of blogs with countless tips, advice and information to make everyone’s move enjoyable and successful. Both users moving for the first time and those more experienced in this process can find answers to their questions here. They can get to know the packing secrets, learn everything about exploring the city/state they’ve moved to or simply go through the moving checklists. Apart from these, there are many useful texts to be found on the platform, all brimful with practical knowledge and advice. The blog section is there to ensure anyone moving has all the info necessary to venture into the process calm and prepared.

List of top movers in big cities

The platform helps people find safe and reliable moving crews for local and long distance moves. Whatever the user’s current or future address might be, Verified will get them matched with the right movers.

To spare its users the trouble of going through the endless lists of moving company profiles, the platform offers quite useful lists of top movers in big cities. Customers moving to NYC, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, or any other bigger city in America can get insight into the highest quality moving companies operating in the cities. They can fully rely on the selection ahead of them since Verified Movers Reviews updates the info annually. What’s more – these texts contain not only a list of top movers according to Google, but also plenty of info on the moving trends to and from these cities, and their states, reasons why people relocate, advice on the process, and much more.
Users can also make the selection of long distance moving companies by the state they are from or the one they are moving to. features an interactive map that takes users to the state of their choice and helps them learn more about moving service providers operating there. This user-friendly solution transforms time-consuming action into quite a pleasant, simple and straightforward searching process.

After all, why would anyone waste their time searching for movers and risk being deceived when Verified Movers has a list of reliable and verified moving partners ready to relocate you anywhere in the USA?

Verified mission

Verified Movers Reviews helps people pick top-quality, appropriate moving services whatever their needs are. Users can both research and share reviews for various moving providers. At the same time, moving companies can use the platform to create their own company profiles and present themselves to the users. The Verified Movers’ mission is to provide flawless moving experience to everyone and help them avoid moving scams. To find out more about Verified Mover Reviews, visit