We are the Ambassadors of the Reputable Movers

Article posted by on July 06, 2013

By Bill Adams

It occasionally happens that someone will post a comment in the forums, and someone else will take offense and post a condescending response. When you work this closely with people, things like this are bound to happen.

As a representative of the moving industry, I have always felt that by putting the consumer first, we make a good impression that stays with them long after that last piece of furniture has been placed in their new home. Good impressions generate repeat business and referrals, and the word of mouth from our customers can help (or hurt) our reputations.

The impressions made by the professional movers that volunteer here can make the difference between whether the consumer will choose us for their next move, or fall for the promises made by one of the outfits that has a less than honorable agenda.

As a Volunteer, I’ve been posting since 2007, and my intent has always been to help those who come here in search of guidance on the matters of moving. While giving guidance to those in need can be repetitive to us, we must all remember that these people coming here for help are looking for answers to questions that they’ve never asked. Quite simply – they don’t move often enough to understand how everything works. We do. And each one of these people is in need, so we must not forget our role here.

As industry pros, we should feel privileged to be here, and it would seem like a waste, with all of our experience not to give back in a way that can be useful to some.

It’s also our opportunity to show the public that reputable movers are kind and caring people. Instead of criticizing people for making rookie errors, let’s help them understand in a more positive manner. Maybe, as the ambassadors of the reputable moving companies, we can teach the relocating public how to be better consumers of moving services.

The ones who are in trouble and are asking for our guidance don’t need to be reminded that they’ve made a mistake. It takes some people a long time to learn that you get what you pay for, and others just never get it. We cannot help them.

I enjoy coming here to help, and reading what other pros have to say. I think if we stay focused on helping the consumers who come here, the better their perspective will be on the moving industry. In this sense, while we take the time to help others, we are also helping ourselves.

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