Move for Hunger: Helping those in need!

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Move for Hunger: Helping those in need!

Postby Rick » Tue Jun 08, 2010 9:54 pm

Move for Hunger: Helping those in need!

If there's a relocation in your future, this post is directed at those who do the grocery shopping for your clan. Or, more specifically, the one responsible for maintaining the family budget.

Would you pay $2.75 for a 15½ ounce can of generic cut corn, canned peas, or french cut green beans? What about $12.00 for a five (5) pound bag of long grain white rice? Six bucks for a 64 oz bottle of store-brand unsweetened grape juice?

For those involved in an upcoming local, intra- or interstate relocation using a full service mover, those could be the prices you pay to feed your family if you decide to take the contents of your pantry.

Unless you're moving locally, the transportation rates for most household goods carriers are usually calculated based on a combination of weight and distance. The more weight you have, the greater your final costs. Consumable products that are eventually included in a customer's shipment effectively increase the final price of each item far above what was paid at the checkout counter.

For instance, the interstate tariff transportation rate to move 48 one-pound cans of canned vegetables, sauces, meat and pasta or tomato products might add as much as $1.00 to $2.00 to the cost of each 16 ounces of food product being moved across country – plus the cost of the shipping container!

The best way to avoid this unnecessary additional material and transportation expense is to consume all your grocery, paper, personal and toiletry products that are on-hand before you move.

Professional movers will always tell you the best way to pack is to purge. For many overly stressed homeowners, however, this is easier said than done. Some find themselves scrambling at the last minute to box up everything in the place to get it ready for the upcoming relocation.

Now a relatively new program, Move for Hunger, is being offered by professional movers nationwide to help those who are relocating to donate unopened food that is deemed too expensive to transport to their new destination.

Founded in Neptune, New Jersey by the owners of Lowy's Moving Service, a tenured, full-service agent of Wheaton Worldwide Moving, Move For Hunger is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit established in August, 2009 to strengthen the efforts of community food banks throughout the country by leveraging an existing network of specialized transportation companies and state and national moving and storage associations to create one of the largest, year-round service programs to fight hunger in America.

In just under nine months, over 90 small and medium sized moving and storage businesses in 30 states have collected over 40,000 lbs of donated food to help feed the hungry in their own backyards.

How it works

Every time a participating household goods moving company goes on an in-home estimate or to perform a residential relocation, the crew will offer their customer a box specifically for donated food items.

The homeowner can then either pack their unused, non-perishable items in the carton themselves, or direct their movers to pack it for them. Once collected, Move For Hunger makes arrangements for these much needed items to be delivered to the local food bank, where the contents can be distributed to families in need.

Click here[/url]to find a moving company working to fight hunger in your area.

For those who donate, it's a personally gratifying way to give a little something worthwhile back to the community before it's actually time to leave. For the moving companies that participate, it's a wonderful way to support the nutritional needs of those less fortunate right where you live.

To contribute

For more information about how to participate to this worthwhile program, visit the Move for Hunger website at or contact:

Move For Hunger
1930 Heck Avenue
Neptune, New Jersey 07753
Phone: (732) 774-0521
Fax: (732) 774-6683

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Re: Move for Hunger: Helping those in need!

Postby jk300 » Wed Jun 09, 2010 8:17 am

Great thread Rick

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Re: Move for Hunger: Helping those in need!

Postby Rick » Wed Jun 09, 2010 8:23 am

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Re: Move for Hunger: Helping those in need!

Postby PaigeHolden » Wed Jun 09, 2010 8:46 am

Great post Rick, thank you. Ill share this around.

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Re: Move for Hunger: Helping those in need!

Postby redlinemovers » Wed Aug 21, 2013 9:29 am

Hi all, this is actually my first post here...we're just getting familiar with this forum. Anyway, I wanted to share that our company just recently became a Move For Hunger participant and we are so happy about the concept. It IS a service to people who are moving...who don't want to toss their foodstuffs and don't want to pack and carry either. Simple...we box it all up and deliver it to the The Food Bank for NYC! We are hoping this program really takes off here in New York City...hunger is a major problem here.

Anyway, bear with me while I get used to navigating this forum...but looking forward to being a regular participant!

Karen S
Redline Movers

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