What to do with the household goods when relocating to a new place ?

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What to do with the household goods when relocating to a new place ?

Postby christinajohn9519 » Wed Aug 26, 2020 6:38 am

When I got transferred from Toronto to North York, the accommodation was arranged by my company. I had to stay in a hotel until I find a house for rent. When I asked my manager what I would do with my household goods, he told me that the company would be arranging storage units in North York https://abacusselfstorage.com/locations ... f-storage/. I felt pleased and satisfied when I heard this. So when I moved to North York, I stored the entire household goods in storage units. When I took it back from the storage units after moving to a rented house, I was astonished that all the complete goods were returned safely without causing any damage. Can anyone please tell me what the standard cost for storing goods in a storage unit is?

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Re: What to do with the household goods when relocating to a new place ?

Postby Falloween » Thu Mar 11, 2021 3:57 pm

You used a storage unit and were "astonished" that they stored your belongings and returned them to you? And you don't know what it cost? This doesn't really add up.

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Re: What to do with the household goods when relocating to a new place ?

Postby BigLeeCalif » Mon Feb 28, 2022 7:07 pm

It is not such an unusual question. A lot of people put things into storage and when they remove them or have them delivered there is damage.

It all depends on whether the move was local or whether it was stored for delivery to another city.

The more times household goods are handled, the greater the odds are of getting damaged. If the storage is handled by the company that picked up the shipment, and then delivered by that same company locally, chances are they were wrapped and padded and placed into portable storage containers. Most of the time they will bring the storage containers to your residence and load them there. Then they are taken to the warehouse and stored in a climate-controlled warehouse. When you are ready for delivery, those containers are loaded onto a flatbed truck and brought to your new residence, unloaded and placed into your residence, and, if you purchased full-service, that service may include unpacking and removal of packing containers.

However, if your new residence is in another city or state, the delivery may be handled by a different company, then there is one additional layer of damage possibility. If damage occurs to your goods when you receive them, there will need to be determined who is responsible for the damage. That could get complicated if no inventories were taken. Then the two moving companies will try to claim that you improperly packed your goods and caused the damage.

I think the original poster didn't know what the storage costs were per unit. It is not uncommon for her not to know the unit cost, because the mover could have quoted a flat storage rate, especially if it was booked as a storage-in-transit shipment, based on weight instead of storage units.
I think the poster was astonished to receive the goods undamaged, which, while not uncommon, does surprised people that do get undamaged shipments.
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