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new review of Apex Moving and Storage

Postby Subin62 » Tue Aug 08, 2017 1:41 pm

I was initially quoted 1897 to move from FL to IN. After quality contacted me, I was quoted $2300. Then when the pick up guys showed up (which were not APEX but US MOVERS) they quoted me even more making my move a total of 2900. My delivery date was scheduled for 7/11/17 which I explained to both the person who quoted me and the quality rep because my family and I were going to arrive to IN on 7/10/17 and we would not know what time we would arrive. So when I didn\'t get a call or an e-mail on my delivery date, I contacted customer support and asked the status of my stuff. The rep stated that the day you set the delivery date is the day they start to schedule someone to pick it up so my stuff didn\'t leave FL which upset me and I have a 4 month old son with no way to wash his clothes and with none of his things to play with. I ask what was the point of giving a delivery date if the stuff wasn\'t going to leave. The rep then said that I should\'ve scheduled an earlier date (basically lying) just to be able to get my stuff on time and didn\'t care when I told her that I have a baby who I have no way to wash his clothes. My fiance gets a hold of a supervisor who told her my stuff would be picked up on 7/12/17 and we would get a call 2 days later. Still haven\'t received a call so I get a hold of customer service which she tells me that my stuff would be delivered on Sunday and gives me the number to the driver whose name is Igal. Igal is not a direct driver for Apex but is contracted through them and he drives for US Movers. I contact Igal leaving him a voicemail and text and didn\'t hear from him for 2 days. He calls me and tells me that he won\'t be able to come Sunday and just tells customer service that day since he never actually knows. I explain to him that I start my first day of work and my fiance and baby and dog are home. He doesn\'t care. On Sunday he gives me a timeframe of 10am-12pm. I let him know that my fiance will be home and I text my fiance the timeframe and text the driver my fiance\'s number. So on the delivery date, my fiance tells me that he calls her and asks where our apartment building is. She asks him to give her 10 minutes so she can set the baby and put the dog away. Then my fiance tells me that as soon as she opens the door, Igal starts yelling at her (which my neighbor tells me the same thing when I got home after work). Igal then calls me and yells at me and won\'t let me get a word in. He then asks me to come home which I explain to him that I am at work and it is my first day but I can and it will take me less than 20 minutes to get home. He then doesn\'t want to wait and screams over the phone \"abuse\" repeatedly because my fiance was yelling at him even though I did not hear her in the background. Long story short, the driver left and the supervisor for Apex sided with the driver and made me meet him to pay an extra $100 or they would move my stuff into storage basically holding my stuff hostage. After paying the driver, he requested that my fiance were not to be home during the delivery and I missed 2 hours on my first day of work. After the move, the driver forgot to give me a TV so I had to meet him at a truck stop to pick it up. Overall, there were a few things damaged such as candle holders, a 50 inch TV, some jars, our couch, a bed frame, and we are missing a couple of boxes. This company is really shady and don\'t ever do business with them.

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