new review of Public Moving Services

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new review of Public Moving Services

Postby julioboza » Tue Aug 08, 2017 1:52 pm

My name is Julio Boza,

The present letter is written with the purpose to present a formal complaint against the Company Public Moving Services, based in Charlotte, NC who are moving our household goods from Frisco, TX to Massachusetts (the household are in a storage in Arlington, TX until we buy/rent a house in Massachusetts).
I asked several Moving Companies to send us an estimate for our move. Among them, North American Moving Services came to our home and made a detailed inventory estimate “in situ” discussing with us all furniture and boxes that were going to send to Massachusetts. I called other Companies and sent the inventory to have better quotes. Public Moving Services (PMS) sent me an estimate based on the “in situ” estimate A-1 Freeman did. I agreed and signed a binding estimate of $9237 for the total moving based on a total of 2200 cubic feet houselhold volume. I paid 25% of that amount in advance via Credit Card
The moving was programmed and agreed for Tuesday June the 20th. However, PMS called us saying that they could not do that day, but on Wednesday June 21st from at around 10am. They came with a crew of 4 . Lunch and beverages were provided to them.
I did not attend the move (working in Bedford, MA), but my wife was there with 3 friend who was doing and filling boxes all day. A person from Custom Services called me saying that the movers thought that everything was packed, except the China. I told him that we packed and were going to pack everything except the China, books, lamps, TVs and frames. He agreed that the movers did that work and I immediately asked if there would be any additional cost and he said that probably not and, if it was the case, it was not going to be significant. I never received any other call concerning changes in estimate cost,… during the moving that finished at 12.30 am on June the 22nd. Our HOA was complaining to us the following day and put us a warning.
I have done international movings from Spain to Belgium, from Belgium to Atlanta and from Atlanta to Belgium and I must say that I have not seen movers who do not use blankets to move furniture on hardwood floors (it has caused us damages in the hardwood floor that we have had to repair for a value of $3900) or movers who did not use special packing boxes (with foam) for glasses,….
Two of the movers with a partial household furniture left the house at 5pm and came back at 8pm while the rest of the crew and my wife and other 3 friends continued with the packing. Towards the end of the moving, around midnight, the responsible of the PMS crew, Mr Mihail Popazoglo proposed a Bill of Landing that went from $9237 to $26000 based on his arbitrary estimation of the inventory without any agreement from our side. Then, he lowered to $18656 (based on a change from 2200 cubic feet volume to 3550 cubic feet and the cost of packing material and packing labor were from $452 to $3550). Neither the PMS crew responsible nor the PMS personnel with whom I signed the binding estimate informed or called me about the change in the estimate. This is something that has to be agreed in writing and signed Addendum to the Written Estimate, according to the North Carolina Public Utilities Commission (this never happened).
My wife and a witness that was present at that time in the house saw how Mr Mihail Popazoglo were able to change prices from $9237 (the only signed binding estimate) to $26000 and then lowered to $18656. My wife signed the Bill of Landing (a copy is enclosed) and this was the only time (after midnight, 14 hours later they arrived they were talking about changes in the price). Apparently, they did not calculate it until the very end of the moving, but of course, they did never inform me about any change from the binding estimate. Mr Popazoglo was obviously playing with the pressure of the time (midnight) and the 20 hours that my wife was awake and working.
According to the North Carolina Public Utilities Commission, I have the right to negotiate with the movers the rates to be used up to the maximum by using the weight of the vehicle prior to loading my household with a full gas tank (tare weight) and the weight of the truck once it will be loaded with the household goods. This will lead to the exact weight of the household goods which can be converted to its volume in cubic feet accurately, rather than the arbitrary estimation of Mr Mihail Popazoglo.
My wife called me the day after to inform me what happened and immediately, I called Public Moving Services (the two people I talked to agree the binding estimate). I was not able to talk to them. Finally, I was able to talk to Mrs Angela (do not know her surname) twice, but of course, she did not accept the fact that I was not informed of changes in the estimate, even though, I told her they needed to inform me and get an agreed and signed Addendum of the Binding Estimate (never occurred). Since then, I have tried to communicate with Public Moving Services, but they did not answer my calls or answer my voice mails and emails.
In addition, they forgot several items in the house that they have to travel with the rest of household. I have called them around 10 times and left voice mails. No answers. Finally, they told me that they were not going to pick anything and I could not go to the storage. I was never able to put these thing on my household.

Now, they cannot tell me an approx date they will deliver the household in MA. There has to be all dates (from the date you tell them) someone available, but they do not tell you the date. We will be ending up living in a hotel until they will send our householdngoods. In addition, we have to pay an extra storage rate.

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Re: new review of Public Moving Services

Postby Jeff.Walker » Tue Aug 08, 2017 2:15 pm

I'm very sorry to hear that you seem to be in the middle of what sounds like the classic scam. The first thing I'd ask you to do is take the time to read our article "I've Been Scammed, What Now?". It has plenty of things that can help you in your current situation.

The first step I'd recommend is to contact MoveRescue and see if they are willing to help you. Once you have them on board with your case, I'd take a look at starting to escalate your steps in the rest of the article.

Keep detailed notes going forward. Document everything that has happened up to now, and continue to document everything (by date) that happens with your mover.

Right now, your primary goal is to get your stuff back. So if you can get the location where your stuff is being stored (I know this seems like a difficult task), there is a chance that MoveRescue will complete your move.

Please keep us informed and we'll offer any help we can.

- Jeff

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