new review of Public Moving Services

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new review of Public Moving Services

Postby ansari908 » Sun Aug 27, 2017 4:42 pm

After 30 business days of first available date, my stuff is still not delivered. According to the contract, this should have been delivered Aug 11th.

Job # PS2777891, move from Jamaica, NY to Plano, TX. This move is between 1501-2000 Miles. According to the contract, it should have been delivered between 4-24 Business Days of the First Date(FAD). My first available date was July 11th. Based on the calendar, 24 business dates from July 11th is Aug 11th but i still do not have any update whatsoever. We have three young kids and it has been extremely difficult and inconvenient to live out of a suitcase. The schools start in the next week or so and we have nothing for kids after more than a month of our first available date.

Emma from dispatch is least helpful. I get a standard response, \"no updates, will call you when i have an update.\"

Everything the sales person, Tommy, told me turned out to be a lie. He assured me that my stuff will be delivered on July 11th, he told me that he has a good estimate of my inventory list and that the \"binding estimate\" will not go over $500, he said the movers will bring blankets for the furniture, he said he will be my moving coordinator and will guide me throughout the process, i could call him on his cell. Every single thing was a lie. He never answered any of my several calls or emails after the conversations we had well BEFORE the move. He just went missing after I paid the deposit.

The movers charged me an extra $600 because they claimed that i had more stuff than i disclosed. This was a lie because he already already had 300 cubic feet worth of moving stuff in his truck and i had no choice but to pay because my stuff was already in the truck and i had to move out of my apartment that day. Whatever, I paid him whatever he asked, I moved on from that but I didn\'t expect them to not deliver my stuff. This has been an absolute nightmare so far.

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Re: new review of Public Moving Services

Postby Jeff.Walker » Wed Aug 30, 2017 7:13 am

I would recommend following the steps in our article "I've Been Scammed, What Now?", and start with the step to contact MoveRescue. I have no statistics on how effective MoveRescue is, but they were set up to assist customers like you, get your belongings back and complete your move.

Please keep us posted.

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