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new review of Joyce Van Lines, Inc.

Postby catvet » Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:40 am

I was looking for a reliable mover for my relocation. My company was paying for the relocation so I really didn\'t wish to end up with a cheap moving company that only provided an 800 phone number (and of course, no address) on their website. This threw up many red flags to me. I then found Joyce Van Lines from this site - I sent an email for a quote and got a quick reply from John Adams. He was polite and honest and told me that while he was certainly able to take a look at handling the actual relocation, he was unable to come down to do the in-home estimate because of the distance (I was in the D.C. area and the closest office was in Connecticut). He then suggested me to obtain an in-home survey from some major moving companies first and then send him the inventory, or for me to send him a list. If I was going to go forward with Joyce Van Lines, John was willing to pay for a surveyor to come out on his behalf, or he could work off those inventories. I sent John two inventories from two major moving companies who did the in-home survey. John came up with a very competitive quote listing all detailed information and itemizing all charges. Unfortunately, my schedule was odd and John was unable to find the right size truck in my area at the time that I needed to load. Thus, I had no option but to choose another moving company. I still had plenty of questions for John even after he knew that his company was not able to handle the actual move. He responded to each and every question and helped me lock in a mover I felt most comfortable with. Although I am using another mover in my area for my relocation, I would highly this movingscam site as a reliable source for research and would as well recommend Joyce Van Lines as a good place to start.

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