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new review of Apex Moving and Storage

Postby jarede » Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:15 am

We have had our things for two weeks now and I am just getting to writing a review for this sorry excuse for a moving company. Literally, every bad review from dozens of customers contains something that has happened to us in some form other.

From broken sales promises and deception to ridiculous estimates that increased and increased after you book. Original quote: $3,200 Final price: $5,600. AND THAT\'S BEFORE YOU ADD THE COST OF REPLACING GLASS IN ART WORK FRAMES AND BROKEN MARBLE CUTTING BOARDS AND CHILDREN\'S FURNITURE...all of which were wrapped well and arrived in boxes that looked like they had been used to play rugby.

1) It\'s illegal to give an estimate over the phone. THEY DO.
2) They only allow a Credit Card to take the initial deposit. THEN:
3) The next 70% due at pick-up can only be a personal check or money order. AND
4) The final balance can only be paid by P.O. Money Order.
5) Their timeline for delivery involves a bait & switch too wild for words. You sign-up with your move-in date, then are told your move-in date (which for us was 10 days after we moved out, we decided to visit family) is actually the date they begin to schedule your delivery.
6) They call you two days before the move, claiming to help buffer your cubic feet cost by charging more in advance so you don\'t pay as much curbside. But when you, the customer and non-moving expert, try to assess your quantity it is undoubtedly inaccurate, because you\'re not the professional--nor should you be expected to be. For us it led to an additional curbside $870 charge. Which was then countered with an insulting $100.00 refund. To illustrate and example, the \"Quality Assurance\" person asks you to name all the stuff in your house and does your estimate. Never checking if you have a \"bookcase\" that is 3\' x 3\' or 8\' x 8\', then putting the smaller number in and charging later for the bigger.
7) When you call you are promised a timeline by the sales rep. After you book, you are then told how they could never have promised a timeline.
8) Your initial sales rep says \"I am your moving consultant and the only person you will ever need to speak to about your move.\" Not only did he not work there the next time I called, I spoke to no less than 12 people over the two month horror that was this experience.
9) The office that you call to talk/complain is by appointment only. The property management company at the PIEDMONT address, says that APEX IS a business, but that rarely is anyone there. Suspicious?

THEN YOU WAIT...August 6th was our move day. August 14th was our \"first available move-in date.\" After many many many many calls where we were told our stuff was loaded on to a truck and ready to come to us, it was September 15th when our things arrived.
In that time, my kids ran around a new house with camping chairs and air mattresses. I started a brand new, high-intensity job and learned what trash Susan, Ana, John, Todd, Joshua, Alex, Christopher and Yarron are. And they have no problem treating you like your a problem, when you start to wonder if you\'ll ever see your life and possessions again. In short, there are not words appropriate for this site that describe what cheating, deceitful individuals make-up this company. And they go to sleep at night working in these conditions. Low character. Low class. Low intelligence.

Here\'s the kicker: LOTS OF STUFF WAS BROKEN. Dishes, artwork, etc.

On the bottom of the last page you sign at pick-up ,at the end of the long, exhausting, move day, the form says \"We may be sending your stuff on an 18-Wheeler and if that can\'t fit on your street we will have to provide a shuttle service, the cost of which you are responsible for.\" This is after initial phone calls specifically agreeing that a 26\' moving truck is probably better for your things. Your things are already in their care and you have no choice but to sign. It is never highlighted until the day your driver arrives and says he can\'t fit down your street. The cost to load everything out of his 18-wheeler into a u-haul truck and then unload it again in to your home is $700. You pay cash. He doesn\'t give you a receipt. As you live in your house for the first couple weeks, you watch several 18-Wheelers from other companies, cruise down your street.

Here\'s the THIRD KICKER: They had other people\'s things from past deliveries in their truck. Particularly a bundle of art work, canvases and an entertainment center. All of which, once I said it wasn\'t mine, they offered a cost.
We\'re all saying the same if you\'ve made it to my review, please know that there are too many people reading these too late to do anything about it. But if you\'re at the beginning, stop payment of your deposit, cancel your association with APEX and find another way, no matter what it takes.

I have a major network of communication at my new job, I am thankful to have their name on a DO NOT USE list that is seen by thousands of people in New England.

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