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new review of Presidential Moving LLC

Postby tarheel488 » Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:45 am

SCAM Moving Company – Avoid at all costs!

We were ripped off, the movers were rude, stole from us, customer service – non responseive via email and only occasionally reachable via phone - was unapologetic and rude.

This is a classic moving scam company. If you follow this checklist to avoid scam companies, Presidential Moving FAILS this test ( Just read this site and make sure select another company that passes the test, not this company. Here is the story for we got taken for more than $3000.

- Our estimate was $3151.98 and our total ended up being $6,640.50 for a 1500 sq ft 2 bed/1bath home. My in-laws moved a 4600 sq ft (3x the size of our place) 5 bed/4 bath100 miles further than our move and paid $10,000 (1.5x the cost). Our actual cost was more than double what we were given as an estimate (the space estimate was off by 42% - 907 estimated vs 1530 cubic feet actual). This is despite two detailed walkthroughs of all our possessions. They charge per cubic foot, but once loaded on the truck, they just give you a measurement – with no way to validate how or if they measured the cubic footage.

- Two of the three movers were incredibly rude. We had a tree removal service here at the same time due to Irma damage (not by our choice). The tree removal asked for 15 minutes to use our driveway and the mover was rude with me and said \"this is wasting my time.\" The tree removal company complained to move that the movers were very rude to him, and spoke quietly in an Eastern European language he could not understand (nor could I).

- The moving truck tore down a tree limb in our front yard, then tried to blame it on our maintenance man who is here every day (even though we saw them do it) AND the aforementioned tree removal company.

- We had a box of liquor outside our door for our neighbors. I saw a mover take a bottle, hiding it behind an empty, folded box. The bottle was quickly hidden in the truck when I went to confront them about him so I had no proof.

- I emailed Christian, who provided us the initial estimate, and never heard anything back.

- I called Customer Service and spoke with Brie. Brie’s tone was rude, annoyed, critical. I issued all of the complaints above and never received anything resembling an apology or attempt to achieve customer satisfaction. Every time I politely issues a complaint, she just “noted”. Never asked if there was anything else she could do, if she answered my questions. Of course there is no survey to provide feedback on their customer service – something offered by any reputable company.

- First, we were told the balance could be paid with personal check. We wrote a check and this was not accepted – we were then told cash or postal money order only. I provided a Cashier’s Check from my bank (for which I paid a fee), but this would not suffice. The movers waited with our stuff for two hours while my sister in law withdrew $4K from her savings and paid them in cash.

- Despite the fact that the company promises to assemble desks, tables, beds, etc. they had to be asked to do this upon delivery. And they acted very annoyed when asked to complete this

The company has only existed since August 2017, is not part of the BBB, and was one of the worst experiences I have ever had with a business. We’re a young couple with our first child on the way in May, and we had carefully budgeted for our move. Presidential Moving unapologetically scammed us and disrupted my family’s financial well-being. Please avoid at all costs and make sure none of your friends and family use them. Any positive reviews are likely fake!!

Our credit card company is disputing the charge, and we\'ll be reporting them to the BBB.

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