AEGIS Relocation

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AEGIS Relocation

Postby Jeff.Walker » Thu Dec 14, 2017 9:29 pm

This one was submitted via our contacts page:

AEGIS Relocation
12535 New Brittany Blvd #2818, Fort Myers, FL 33907
(877) 830-9445
Frank Gevelis

The moving truck arrived around 8:00 PM on 11/15. The 2-man crew worked until 3:00 AM when they told me that there was NOT enough room on the truck to fit everything. My wife and I were not happy about this and let Frank know that we had items that still needed to be transported for our move. He told us that he was going to send the same 2-man crew over the next night to pick up the remaining items. They came by around 4:00 PM to pick up the remaining items, but there was STILL not enough room in the truck to take everything, so they drove to a local storage facility to "make room" and came back about an hour later to pick up the remaining items. Apparently they left these items in storage. On Monday 11/20/17 my wife and I received a call that the truck was coming in THAT NIGHT, even though delivery was scheduled for the next day 11/21. After they unloaded, we were promised that the remaining items would be delivered the following week of 11/27. The week of 11/27 came and went with no response to the emails, texts and telephone messages we left on Frank Geivelis' business and cell phone. My wife called Frank AGAIN on Saturday, 12/2 and he actually answered the call. He told Stephanie that our remaining items would be on a truck on MONDAY, 12/4 headed out to our new address in AZ. He also said that he had trackers on the truck. Stephanie asked to let us know the time of arrival so we could be available to receive the delivery. AGAIN: Several texts, emails, and phone calls have been left with Frank with NO REPLIES. This has been an EXTREMELY stressful event that has affected my wife's health regarding the stress from this situation. She is a cancer survivor and this stress has been very detrimental to her health. 12/6: I texted Frank to get SOME sort of update; he said “we will get you delivered we ran into an issue with our truck, we are working on sending a replacement truck. We will keep you posted and we will get you delivered ASAP. Trying to get a Penske Truck.”. That is the latest we have heard from him.

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