Unique Van Lines FULL OF LIES

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Unique Van Lines FULL OF LIES

Postby Shumaila » Wed Aug 28, 2019 5:51 pm

I want to share my most horrible experience to date to ensure no other person goes through this trauma. After approximately 2.5 months of delays, excuses, lies, regular follow up calls, we finally received our stuff to find out most of the fragile items were broken and our living room TV was MISSING in addition to few other items. When I confronted the movers, they said you have standard insurance and you packed the boxes, so I am not responsible (does that mean you are obliged to mishandle customer stuff in front of them?). The driver named Steve called my husband over the weekend saying that he can’t get the truck outside my apartment even though I have seen many 53 ft trailers, but they wanted to make the money they lost due to delayed claim of going over 21 business days of delivery. My husband and I being emotionally drained, we agreed to pay for the shuttle (quoting me 950). When the guys came, I could hear them dropping a box while unloading and saying, “I am dropping bombs and laughing about it”. They promised to assemble everything back as you would expect, but they left most of the items disassembled. They were missing screws, wooden straps for both beds and told us we can’t do anything, and you must file a claim. When I asked the driver to document the missing and damaged items on the inventory, he started yelling and saying I am not going to change my paperwork and I don’t care that you are missing a TV or any other items, you have to file a claim. Filing a claim should come after the carrier has not been able to locate an item- in this case, they were not even willing to look up for the missing items or document and just brushed the claim as it’s standard insurance so the customer will get peanuts in return. As per the contract, they are supposed to document any items which are missing or damaged, but he was happily violating the contract after making us sign all the paperwork with sweet talk. They were cursing F words in front of my family and ran away leaving the stuff in chaos with no respect.

When I called their dispatch manager Elfie and asked about the TV, he said, if you stay on the call “I am going to hang the TV on my damn wall” and was rude to me. We are still waiting for a call back which we were promised. Is that how you deal with customers?
I am surprised that a company like this exists which is rude, full of lies and on top of all exercises false business practices (no wonder why this company is rated D- on BBB). I request everyone to make sure that your brokers (Trinity Relocation Group in my case) do not pick UNIQUE VAN LINES as there is nothing unique about them and you will only get headaches. I am still following up on my items with no success as we really want our TV at least to be found and shipped to us. For the screws, support straps for the dresser mirror, we ended up doing multiple trips to home depot to find the missing parts. For other missing parts, we don't know what we will do. I am attaching some pictures (yet to unpack all boxes and unfold surprises) for your reference. PLEASE STAY AWAY if you value your stuff.

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