Purple Heart moving group--TERRIBLE

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Purple Heart moving group--TERRIBLE

Postby davidclayco » Thu Sep 19, 2019 2:55 pm

This will be lengthy but please read it in its entirety to save yourself time, money and tremendous heartache.

I booked a move from CO to NC explaining that I would be in NC and not able to be present for the pack and load. I was told everything I needed to hear during the initial conversations. From we will walk you through this to consistent updates to personal care and being assured of a highly professional company. Well, NONE of that was true. I was lied to, ignored, patronized and left with no options. My biggest concerns were they did not follow their own policy which left me without the opportunity to adjust my inventory prior to the arrival of the packers. So the 'estimate' jumped $4,000. I did have more items than the initial inventory but once the packers arrived Purple Heart told me they were out of the equation. This left me in a vulnerable position since I was out of the state and my house was closing the next week. I had no time to secure another moving company once things started to go bad with Purple Heart.

The care of my belongings was worse than neglectful. I left specific instructions on how to handle some antiques but these were ignored and an actual crowbar was used to take apart an antique desk, breaking two pieces that needed to be fabricated to allow the desk to be put back together. Boxes I had packed were all opened and most of the boxes I packed were dumped into large wardrobe boxes. I do mean dumped. No packing paper. Books on top of glass decorations, lawn equipment in with art work to name a few. Some of the boxes weighed over 160#. Leather furniture cut, torn and EVERY piece of furniture was scratched or broken.

Purple Heart uses jobbers and day labor to complete these moves. They used a company that is located near their office in Florida not a local moving company, hired temporary help to load my belongings into Enterprise rental trucks. They put my items out for bid for the transportation to NC. An owner/operator who also worked for Boost Express took the job.

Once picked up I was told the driver was going to Pennsylvania to deliver another load then to me. Weeks later I received a call that the delivery would happen on Monday between 10-11am. Making arrangements to be there at 10, I waited until 3pm for their arrival. The 'team' they were to arrive with was the driver and one person, taking two days to unload.

**Throughout this process, I NEVER spoke to a manager or supervisor. I made multiple calls and sent emails attempting to speak to someone who could help me. I was told that Kristen Kelly was the only supervisor that would talk to customers. I was only able to receive emails from her sometimes a day later during critical times of the move.

The truck was able to park 35 feet from my house. The driver said the stairs were too difficult to navigate wanted to walk around to the back of the house to deliver the items downstairs. That is fine EXCEPT then he tried to charge me $580 for extra distance from the truck, charging me for the walk around distance. When I told him I would not pay since he could park 35 feet away, well within the 50 feet requirement, he offered to take $400 in cash. Needless to say, I did not pay that either.

The driver also wanted to back down my driveway which has a grade that would have scraped the bottom of the moving truck since it has low clearance. I refused saying the truck would damage my driveway the driver said yes it would. Then he was mad I would not let him.

I have already paid over $1000 to repair and replace items. The claim process is terrible. Once you submit a claim then they tell you they require box number, boxes, packaging etc to process.

So, my move when from $10,000 to $14,000. I paid $1,000 to repair and replace items that would not be covered by their claim process.

A state's attorney needs to look into their practices. I am notifying every Federal and State agency about their practices.


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