Colonial VanLines - TOTAL SCAM!!

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Colonial VanLines - TOTAL SCAM!!

Postby karensha » Tue Feb 04, 2020 7:53 pm

Colonial Van Lines – A TOTAL scam!

Do not move with colonial. I will give you reasons why in detail. I interviewed at least 6 moving companies (my employer was paying for moving so cost was not an issue here). I asked all the right questions, with a major one being an assurance that the vanline would move my belongings themselves and not farm it out to an “agent”. I was assured by the sales person (Karlos – I have dates, times, texts of messages etc.) that Colonial would move my belongings because they are a “reputable business” and do not mess with customer belongings. I was also assured that trucking is prompt and they use professional packers. I was encouraged to buy extra insurance which I did. Karlos also assured me that he would be my primary point of contact until the shipping occurred. I paid the deposit promptly with no haggling. That was the last time I heard from Karlos. I tried calling several times (again I have details on all this on my phone) NEVER heard from him. He was always “at lunch” at any time I called. Whoever I spoke to had no clue and told me Karlos would call me back. Well it never happened.

2 days before the scheduled move, I got a call from my account manager Shari. That is when things got from bad to worse. I was told that packers would be at my home and would pack in a day. The packers got in, started complaining about the packing they had to do and began packing. I had specific things that I had labeled as stay behinds including a huge armoire and matching table which were clearly labeled. Since I had breakables that I wanted to supervise, I was looking after those and obviously could not be in every room simultaneously. To make a long story short, they spent hours packing up the armoire and table, and were not even half done by the end of the day. So, they came back next day, “finished” packing and left a mess all over – packing paper, etc. After they left I cleared out the paper and found things that they had left behind and things that they had taken without any rhyme or reason. They obviously took the armoire, they also took every single toilet paper roll in the house, they took trash cans with track inside them, they left behind my espresso maker, my Keurig tank ( however, they took the Keurig machine!), expensive china, occasional tables, my breadmaker, and a few other items. I had to leave the next day and was assured that the truck would be on its way that weekend.

I called up Shari on Friday. But obviously she was trained at the same Colonial customer service school since she was abrupt, rude and totally unhelpful. When I mentioned the armoire, she said she would get back to me but never did. Also, I kept asking where the truck was and there was no clear answer. I finally found out that the truck was still at the origin for over 2 weeks. Shari called me the day before the truck left to tell me that I could move the armoire out that day if I wanted. No apologies. I was across the country and I guess according to Colonial, it is really easy to teleport and take care of things within 12 hours cross country. I was moving from Miami to Idaho. MY payment was also increased by $2,300 even though I was TOTALLY ASSURED by Karlos that that would not happen. SO BEWARE OF ANY “FINAL” ESTIMATES!!!

Then began the truck location saga. Shari had no clue where the truck was. In 2020, when technology allows us to find out when a driver leaves their truck for a bio break, Colonial has NO CLUE where their trucks are at any time. After 3 weeks and many calls to Shari, who continued to be rude and as unhelpful as she could be, I was told that the truck was in New Jersey. Mind you, I was moving from Miami to Idaho… The only reason I was told that was that they wanted me to make the rest of the payment to “their agent” – another non-national truck company. As I had mentioned, I had SPECIFICALLY asked and was reassured that my belongings would be moved by Colonial… The truck got to its location finally and when I began opening boxes, I found shattered picture frames, a family heirloom cabinet was badly damaged, crystal had been left in cabinets, another cabinet had wood chips missing. A tempered glass top of a chest is missing.

Again, called Shari, who continued the Colonial way of being rude and completely unhelpful. Refused to listen. I did get a survey from the company asking for feedback on my experience, I responded – heard back from Gladys who was the first one to actually listen to me and promised to get back to me but followed the Colonial playbook and never did… Fortunately, I was not holding my breath.

Overall, I have moved a few times before and this was BY FAR THE WORST company I have every dealt with in terms of product, service, staff and all aspects of the move. Unprofessional, rude, clueless and just plain incompetent. I would strongly recommend that you give them a pass if you are considering moving. I have all details of all my transactions with them and will be happy to share.

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Re: Colonial VanLines - TOTAL SCAM!!

Postby isabellamor » Mon Feb 17, 2020 12:20 am

Horrible service, poor communication skills, delayed delivery, damaged items. We moved from California to Texas. This company does not explicitly tell you that they do not do any of the moving; they outsource the physical moving of your belongings (in our case to Cal Van Lines) and then they "coordinate" the move for you. Coordinating in this case meant - delays, damages, poor service, inadequate and ineffective communication. Colonial Van Lines was often completely unaware of the logistics, moving details, and billing details that Cal-Van Lines intended to proceed with and vice-versa. Our belongings were delivered over one week late; multiple large items were damaged; other furniture pieces had missing hardware so they could not be re-assembled so they are completely useless now. The most frustrating part was the delivery drivers ended up yelling at us when we decided we wanted to double-check the inventory.

I saw it on Google, there are great reviews but there are also negative ones. People have different experiences.

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