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American Choice Van Lines

Postby amarac » Wed Aug 05, 2020 3:56 pm

On May 21,2020 I reached out to this company for moving services and was put in contact with Randy Fox as my moving representative. He called me on the phone after my initial contact through email and quoted me a price of $1280.65 for the move of my belongings from Scranton, PA to a Lansing, MI on either 7/28/20 or 7/29/20. During that phone call I asked Mr. Fox THREE separate times if there were any hidden/additional fees or charges I should be aware of given the information about my move. He said no each time. I initially was delighted b/c this was the best offer I had found among the moving companies I had researched. This should have been my first warning. Fast forward to a week before my move (7/22/20) when I email again to confirm everything for my move and ensure that a smaller truck will be coming to pick my belongings up since I informed Mr. Fox that I only had street parking and not a lot of items (keep this in mind). He confirmed everything was ready and I was set with dispatch. Then on 7/27/20 I receive a call from dispatch informing me my items will be picked up on 7/29/20 between 9a-1p. Fine. However on 7/28/20 I receive another call from dispatch stating my items won’t be picked up until 7/30/20 between 9a-1p due to an issue with a driver they had earlier in the day. Skeptical, I said ok I understand and continued to believe my items would be picked up. This should have been my second warning. The morning and afternoon of 7/30/20 comes and goes and I do not receive any calls, emails, or messages from this company about their whereabouts regarding picking up my items. I have to be the one to email at 10:30a and 12:30a to my initial representative about why there is radio silence. Both times I emailed him, he did not answer which was strange since he typically responded within the hour during previous contact. Third warning sign. I also called the company phone number several times during and after this window of pick-up time and was shuffled in a loop with their operating system that would redirect me back to the main menu, successfully silencing me from speaking to an individual at the company OR I would by some miracle get ahold of someone only to be IMMEDIATELY put on hold (with no hello or confirmation that I heard them) for no less than 15min. Sometimes I was even hung up on. The customer service was not only rude and unprofessional, they lacked any sincerity in their behavior. Mind you at this point, it’s eating 1:30p and I have a feeling I’m not getting my items picked up. Finally at around 4p (several hours outside of the window I was initially told), a moving company (outsources by the way) comes to collect my items but not before adding additional charges jacking my total up to $2,525 dollars...almost $1300 MORE than what I was quoted; which by the way they lied when stating their quotes are “binding” and “guaranteed”. The man stated there were parking, stair, and extra cubic feet fees that had to be added to my total. They brought a big trailer to fit my stuff when I said I only had space for a smaller truck and the additional charges that were being told to me were not discussed prior. The man even said someone is supposed to come to my place and survey it before quoting me a price. So ultimately this company is full of inconsiderate, unprofessional scammers and liars and I wasted a $256.13 deposit on them ( which I want back!) along with my parents time and physical energy. My dad has a bad back and had to help me move rather than this company being legitimate and doing their job correctly. I don’t care what ANYONE says, they are scammers do not use them! You have been warned.

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