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Postby aaronr » Thu Sep 17, 2020 1:53 pm

Terrible, absolutely terrible. The move date given by the sales guy 'Lior David' was 5 days, so I went ahead, then after paying, I get an email stating that the move date can be 2 to 3 weeks out. After 2.5 weeks I call and was told by dispatch that "Drivers are being lazy and the government stimulus package has drivers not wanting to drive" - her exact words. Then I'm told that my items are on a truck sitting in L.A while a driver takes family time off and he may leave next week but they are unsure exactly when. I keep asking the dispatch for their name but they refuse and hang up, I asked for a manager or supervisor.. still waiting.

The 2 guys that came out to do the packing did a very good job and I can't fault them at all. My problem is with Sales (lying) and Dispatch (rude and unpleasant), as well as the fact that they don't call or contact you regarding the move. It's left up to the customer to figure out what's going on with a customer service rep who seems to have forgotten that her pay comes from happy customers.

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