Relocation Van Lines/Air 1 Moving & Storage

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Relocation Van Lines/Air 1 Moving & Storage

Postby andal » Tue Jun 29, 2004 10:08 am

Okay, here is my story!

I just moved from Los Angeles, CA to Alexandria, VA. But my furniture is still in LA.

In May of this Year i contracted "Relocation Van Lines, Inc", situated at 1814 Sw 31st Ave, Pembroke Park, Fl 33009, to move my furniture from California to Virigina. They gave me an estimate of $2200 over the internet for moving the content of a one-bedroom-apartment (my estimate: 4000lbs) to Alexandria . Nobody ever showed up to give me an on-site estimate as promised after paying them a 10% deposit of $220.

On the June 7 of this year, the day before the pick-up Ann from Relo. Van Lines called and told me that they subcontracted my move to Air 1 Moving & Storage, 11307 Van Owen St, North Hollywood, CA 91605. The following Day, the 8th, a dreadlocked Isreali named Barak and two helpers from Air-1 showed up at my front door. They said they would wrap and move all my belongings into their truck. They did that, and i might add, seemed to do a nice job of it. But suddenly Barak interupted his work and told me we would have to pay extra for wrapping materials, which was never mentioned in the original estimate. "Did they not send you a contract?" he added. I declined and called their supervisor in the main office called Vicky. She said I should have been informed, and she guaranteed that the packing would not cost more then $300. So i agreed to it. She also stated that i had to work thru the contract with Barak since they did not have enough time to send me one beforehand. Stupidly I agreed to that too.

After all the work was done and all our furniture was on the truck, Barak showed me an itemized list of all our belongings, that they moved onto the moving truck, on the contract. He guaranteed that the move would not take more than 18 days, although it usually only takes 7-14 days according to him. He pointed to the spots where i had to sign on the contract sheet and then assured me again that my stuff would go out to Virginia as soon as possible. I was very tired from organizing and packing all day, so i was not alert enough to see the red flags that day.

This same evening i got into my car and started the trip from Los Angeles to my new residence on the east coast. After driving for four days i arrived in Alexandria, Va. On the 12th, I called Vicky from Air-1 to be updated on the status of the move. She calmy reported that everything was still in storage in Los Angeles, since I did not indicate that i want my stuff moved immediately on the contract. She said i did not check the appropriate box on the contract, so Air-1 did not ship it yet. I got very angry at her and told her that Barak guaranteed my things would be shipped as soon as possible. She countered that Barak did not have the authority to guarantee anything. But the big suprise was still to come, she told me that the total charges for my move would be $4400 now because my things actually weight over 7200 lbs. I could not believe what was happening! After argueing with her over this potential overcharge, she agreed to have everything reweight and get back to me.

7200 lbs is an impossible figure, I only lived in a small one-bedroom apartment. And when Mayflower moved me into it 8 years earlier, i only had 3600 lbs of items. I only added a couch and a big screen TV to my original stuff.

Vicky never returned my call, so i got back to here several days later. My things were still sitting out in California! I waited some days more, same result. My things are still in California as of the 26th.

I don't know what do to do any more. I have been living in an empty apartment for over two weeks, and my furniture is long overdue. On top of that i am being scammed on the weight, that they are (not) moving.

I have contemplated having a third party weigh the moving truck to ensure that they don't try to defraud me. I am about to call some companies about that today. Vicky assured me in my last call, that my things will arrive between the 30th of June and 3rd of July and that she will give me a discount of $700 for the late arrival.

Any advice and comment is greatly appreciated. I am very grateful this site exsists. It makes a great difference to see that I am not alone with my problems.

Thanks in advance,


P.S. Are most Isreali scam artists working the US relocation industry? :)

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Re: Relocation Van Lines/Air 1 Moving & Storage

Postby 23 » Tue Jun 29, 2004 10:13 am


I suggest you register for this site so Tyrone and Tim can send you PM's. They have great suggestions for people in your situation. I am very sorry you are in the middle of this, but we will do our best to help!

You might want to PM Tyrone and ask for his help, he is an expert in this!

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Re: Relocation Van Lines/Air 1 Moving & Storage

Postby Michael » Tue Jun 29, 2004 10:15 am

Since your goods are still in California, please register for this site and others can tell you what recourse you have and what to start doing right away.

Best of luck,

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Re: Relocation Van Lines/Air 1 Moving & Storage

Postby Nancy » Tue Jun 29, 2004 10:22 am

Wow, Air 1 is fairly infamous in the L.A. market. They used to be "right on time" which I believe is blacklisted, and are using the same purple trucks. I would get aggressive, I doubt this is a simple misunderstanding.

There was a new law put into effect this year that gives California authorities enforcement against interstate moves that come from this state. This new law (AB845) should help you.

I would begin by contacting the following authorities:
Attorney General of CA, 800-982-5225,

California Public Utilities Commissions

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Re: Relocation Van Lines/Air 1 Moving & Storage

Postby MusicMom » Tue Jun 29, 2004 2:00 pm

I'm in Alexandria, too. Once your things get here, I'll be happy to help you find a weigh scale to weight your things before and after loading, to get the actual weight. I know for a fact that a major van lines agent near me has a scale on the premises. Otherwise, it'll be several miles down the highway. Sign up and PM me, we can coordinate your move, with helpful hints from the masters of load un-hostageing, Tim and Tyrone.

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Re: Relocation Van Lines/Air 1 Moving & Storage

Postby andal88 » Tue Jun 29, 2004 3:32 pm

This is andal, I started the topic and just registered under andal88

Thanks to everybody for their time and great advice. I am really grateful for it.
Some of these moving companies are really the scum of the earth.


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