*Move from Boston to LA: Marathon, Rainbow, Humboldt

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*Move from Boston to LA: Marathon, Rainbow, Humboldt

Postby Vegas » Mon Jun 07, 2010 5:57 pm

We're moving from Boston to LA, and we got estimates from Humboldt (United), Marathon (Stevens), and Rainbow Movers (North American). We are moving a one bedroom apartment. All estimates are with the $0 deductible insurance.

Marathon - Lucas came out for an estimate. He was very professional and friendly, but he seemed to be the least thorough/experienced of the three reps we had come out. He stated that Stevens actually does the loading on moving day, not Marathon. The estimate he gave was a GNTE at 3700 lbs, and $3,924. This did not include a shuttle at origin. Marathon will also charge extra for a shuttle at destination if one is required, which the other two companies did not.

Rainbow - Jim came out, and he was very professional and thorough. He asked whether our sofa pulls out, whether we had anything in storage, and about certain items in our apartment that the other two didn't seem to notice when we were walking through. Rainbow does the loading itself, and the CA destination agent unloads. He gave a 7-13 day delivery estimate. The estimate was 3690 lb and $3,940, with no origin shuttle included. Rainbow does not charge for a shuttle at destination.

- We went with Humboldt for a few reasons. Humboldt does the actual loading (Armstrong is the destination agent in LA). Dave came out to do the estimate, and he seemed very experienced and was the most thorough in actually going through everything we're taking with us (e.g. asked about any storage units, stuff at work). Dave's estimate was a GNTE which included a origin shuttle, and there are no extra charges at destination for a shuttle. You get your own moving coordinator once you book (ours is Pat, who is very responsive and professional) and can track your shipment online once it's picked up. They'll take a certified check or a credit card at delivery (no fee for credit card). If your shipment weighs less than the estimate, you get a refund. They gave us a 7-15 day delivery window. The total estimate was 3200 lbs and $3,913.

I will update my post once we've moved and leave a review of Humboldt!

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