Joyce Van Lines from western Mass to Boston (GREAT!)

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Joyce Van Lines from western Mass to Boston (GREAT!)

Postby O3ozone » Thu Jun 23, 2011 6:27 pm

I moved with Joyce Van Lines from western Mass to Boston. Because these two places are on opposite sides of the state, roughly 150 miles apart, it doesn't really qualify as a local move, IMO. I got a prompt, thorough & professional in-home estimate done by Bill Adams and by the time I finished all my "movers interviews" it was pretty clear that I was going with Joyce Van Lines. I especially appreciate that Bill did not hesitate to take on my move even with a travel time of almost 3 hours to even get to my old place. Setting up the moving and delivery process was really easy. Paperwork and all terms and conditions were clear and complete (and LEGAL!). Having used professional movers for several other moves in the past, these were all the things that I already knew were important in a reputable moving company, so I felt very comfortable going with this company.

My moving experience with them was simply great. Everything went smoothly from pick-up to drop-off. The 3 moving guys worked quickly, efficiently, and handled all my things with great care. I think it took about 1-1.5 hours to load my 2+ bedroom apartment and maybe about the same amt of time to offload. I had some empty planters that I debated at the last minute whether to take or chuck. They were heavy and I really didn't want to take them in my car, so I asked the lead guy whether they would take them for me and he said yes. I was grateful, considering I really didn't pack them in any way (the planters arrived on the other side safely). The same day service was an added bonus as it enabled me to complete the move in 1 day (no crashing with friends or sleeping in an empty new apartment!). The moving company's coordinator, Dierdre, who I worked with was very friendly and helpful and kept in touch with me throughout the process and responded to inquiries promptly. Excellent service all around!

I actually found JVL by posting for advice on this website, so I will also thank Movingscam (Movinghelper & BillAdams, specifically) for the help in making my move headache-free!

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