Positive Review for Small Moves: Ship Smart

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Positive Review for Small Moves: Ship Smart

Postby Lilac » Thu Jun 27, 2013 9:21 am

Thanks to this forum, I was able to find a reputable small mover. I had an antique dresser and full size bed (no mattress) and five boxes of china that I inherited from a grandparent. The problem: they were in Washington state with my parents, and I'm in Pennsylvania; neither of us is in a big city. After doing my research, I went with Ship Smart. The paperwork was easy, and the sales rep was able to provide me with information on how much the cost might vary depending on how far off the weight was from their estimate. The initial estimate was for $1064 plus $75 for insurance. Final weight and cost came to $1270--well within reason, especially given that they built a custom crate for the move, and that sucker is not light! Admittedly, I hadn't wanted to spend this much to move the items, but it's not like I could drive cross country with a cargo van for less money!

I placed my order on 5/24 and the items were delivered on 6/25--nearly exactly a month, as they had predicted.

On the pick-up side, my parents report that they were very courteous: the guys' truck broke down on the way, and they called my folks three times to update them on their delayed arrival. They were apologetic when they finally arrived at the house, as they were a few hours later than anticipated. Again, being updated was very nice!

There was a gap of over a week before we had the final weight from Ship Smart. There was a stretch of silence that worried me, but they quickly responded to my email inquiring about the status of my move. Processing and crating simply takes longer than I had thought. I was contacted with the final bill via phone and was told it would be about two weeks for delivery; they said to anticipate delivery this upcoming Friday.

But they were early! I got a call from the end distributor on Monday asking to deliver on Tuesday. I wasn't going to complain about getting stuff early! I know this was subcontracted out, and the only funny thing was that the local woman for the final delivery didn't actually know if it was from Ship Smart, which was just odd. In any case, the driver arrived within the given time frame, and though we had just paid for curb-side drop off, he delivered the crate to the end of our driveway. We had a moment of panic when the truck driver said we were supposed to have two crates but there was only one--I didn't recall being given that information. I quickly called Ship Smart, and within three minutes, they assured me that our order was indeed just one crate, and the dimensions in their system exactly matched what was on the outside of the crate. Very relieved!

We got into the crate with a saw, and everything was very well-packed: cardboard, foam, plastic wrapping, and everything very tight and secure. Good enough wrapping that when the mirror tipped over in unloading (my fault--not Ship Smart's), it didn't break. We were very happy to find that everything was in good condition, nothing broken.

Overall, a better experience than I'd expected after learning of all the moving hazards here! And I have to say, I was glad this board had told me to get insurance for those three minutes when I was worried something had gone missing. Peace of mind? Priceless. Thanks!

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Re: Positive Review for Small Moves: Ship Smart

Postby MusicMom » Thu Jun 27, 2013 10:35 am

Thanks for coming back, Lilac. We don't have a lot of reviews for the alternative types of move.

For anyone curious, here's the start of her search: http://www.movingscam.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=150847

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Re: Positive Review for Small Moves: Ship Smart

Postby jewmihendrix » Mon Sep 10, 2018 10:40 am

Just wanted to share my more recent experience. I moved from Bay Area to Richmond, VA with shipsmart. They were professional overall and we got our stuff relatively quickly for being across the country, it took about 3 weeks. All of our stuff arrived, nothing broken. We weighed all of our stuff beforehand on a scale and the weight they quoted us was of course higher, but not unreasonable because they had to palletize the box. With the cheap insurance it ended up costing about 1900 for 750 pounds across the country, which is about what I expected to pay. They said they would take a picture of the weight but then they never sent it to me. When I asked for it they said that they could take a picture, but then it would delay the shipment so I just said forget about it, but that was something that kind of bothered me since I asked for it explicitly. But overall good shipping experience!

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