Moving pianos interstate may soon be a huge hassle

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Moving pianos interstate may soon be a huge hassle

Postby MusicMom » Thu Jun 26, 2014 7:37 am ... nd-pianos/

I'm leaving this article here for the both the customers and the pros to read and discuss. New regulations of ivory may soon hamper how the moving industry deals with the shipment of some older pianos across state lines. Pianos over 100 years old are exempt from the regulations, but pianos built between 1914 and the mid 1950's (and European-built models into the 1980's) which have real ivory keys will no longer be able to be sold between parties. That in itself doesn't affect the moving industry, but if the homeowner does not have the proper documentation of sale of an old instrument (say, one that was handed down through generations) then a moving company may choose to not move the piano at all rather than risk violating regulations. At least one piano mover in the article has gone on record saying just that, no more moving over state lines of instruments with real ivory keys, AT ALL.

This means that the old piano I currently have in storage, a beautiful instrument that is just waiting to be rebuilt on the inside to match the gorgeous wood grain and true ivory, cannot be moved out of Virginia unless I spend MORE money to completely replace the keys. Because it is unusable in its current condition, I took it from a friend for $0, just paid the cost of moving it from her house into my storage. There was no receipt between us and I no longer have contact with that friend.

THIS IS NOT INTENDED AS A DEBATE ON GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS, just how these regulations might affect the moving industry and its customers.

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Re: Moving pianos interstate may soon be a huge hassle

Postby Movinghelper » Thu Jun 26, 2014 10:29 pm

This is a proposed regulation: You can find the notice here: ... swers.html

Based on consultation with musicians, exhibitors, and others involved in the movement of specimens containing elephant ivory, we revised Director’s Order 210 on May 15, 2014, so that ivory as part of a musical instrument, a traveling exhibition, or as part of a household move or inheritance, that had been bought or sold prior to February 25, 2014—the date that the Director’s Order was issued—could be imported or exported under the exception.

Also you can get a CITES. What is a CITES pre-Convention certificate?
A CITES pre-Convention certificate can be issued for specimens that were taken from the wild before the species was listed under CITES. For the African elephant, the pre-Convention date is February 26, 1976. For questions on how to obtain a pre-Convention certificate, please contact

What documentation will be accepted to show that an item was imported prior to the species listing in CITES Appendix I?
The Service will accept any record or document that substantiates either the date of import (for example, a copy of the relevant Form 3-177 Declaration for Importation or Exportation of Fish or Wildlife or CITES export or re-export permit) or that demonstrates that the item was in the United States before the Appendix I listing date (for example, a datable photo of the owner with the item, a dated letter or other document referring to the item).

Hope this helps you. I can see no reason if a person has a certificate or an affidavit for a mover not to move them.

Knowing the inspection and everything. I'm pretty sure this will go the way of the bagworm, elm beetle and insect affirmation that is required in certain locations. Very little enforcement.

It reminds me of the requirements to be a scam moving company. Without any real enforcement I would not expect a big bruhaha.
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Re: Moving pianos interstate may soon be a huge hassle

Postby MusicMom » Fri Jun 27, 2014 6:52 am

This is EXTREMELY helpful, thanks.

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