Has anyone used Olympic Moving & Storage in Skokie, IL?

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Has anyone used Olympic Moving & Storage in Skokie, IL?

Postby stutz » Wed Jul 15, 2015 9:00 pm

My wife and I are making our first cross country move from Chicago to Seattle later this summer. I've had the most contact with Olympic M&S and have been impressed with their communication since they don't seem to be trying to make a sale but honestly are being helpful. No red flags yet but want to throw out the details/costs that they have estimated in case I should be wary of being ripped off.

The estimated move cost for us since we are in a 2br is:

(from their email)"Since I haven’t seen a list of your items, I quoted you a range of prices between 3,250 lbs (about $2,400) and a higher, more likely weight value of 4,500 lbs (about $3,150). These prices include door-to-door service, loading and unloading, complete with disassembly/reassembly of your furniture at pickup and delivery. I have also included all taxes, tolls, and fuel charges in these prices, not to mention basic valuation insurance at $0.60 per pound per article. Unlimited moving blankets and pads are also included for wrapping many items.

I also want to explain to you that, for an additional 7 cents per pound, we offer our Partial Packing Service, which includes packing materials to protect all manner of furniture, not just standard blankets/pads. Specifically:
Fabric furniture (mattresses, sofas) will be thoroughly shrink-wrapped.
Glass furniture (tv’s, large mirrors, tabletops) will be professionally crated with bubble-wrap and cardboard cut-to-fit.
Wooden furniture will be wrapped in moving quilts and taped securely.
NOT included are boxes, box packing, or packing paper, though we can certainly provide these when necessary!"

I will be sending him list of everything we plan on moving for a more precise price quote.

I've asked about all the extra costs which would include $150 for each flight of stairs over 1 required in the move. There are also fees for shuttle unloading, if the truck cannot get close to the building on the unload in Seattle, and extra cost if the movers have to walk more than 75' between the entrance to the building and the truck.

The estimated drop off of our stuff in Seattle is 1 day to 3 weeks after we move in on Sept 1st. We are fine with that.

They mentioned two different types of contract - binding and non binding. I understand Binding is based on weight agreement before hand and non-binding is the actual weight at the time of the move. Since there would be a contract fee if the weight over on the binding contract, it seems to make sense to do non-binding. Any recommendations/warnings about this?

Is there any other important information I should ask? Have you heard anything terrible about this company?

Thanks so much for your help!

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Re: Has anyone used Olympic Moving & Storage in Skokie, IL?

Postby Big Dog » Thu Jul 16, 2015 11:52 am

Sounds like the start of a scam! Go to the Yellow Pages & select 3 major van lines like Allied, United, Bekins to come to your house & do a walk through to see exactly what has to be packed & moved. They will then produce a written Estimate, either binding or not to exceed. Only then can you get an accurate estimate. DOT regulations require that a mover that is located within 50 miles of your residence MUST come to you residence to do the written estimate, unless you waive that service in writing. 8)
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Re: Has anyone used Olympic Moving & Storage in Skokie, IL?

Postby NYCMover » Thu Jul 16, 2015 1:05 pm

To Stutz,

I've got to go with Big Dog on this. Your communications with this company should show their MC # and/or US DOT#. If the US DOT# is 1113774 then the company's official name is filed with the feds as "Olympia Moving & Storage, Inc." operating out of the address 4901 Main St., Skokie, IL 60077. The Chicago Better Business Bureau report on "Olympic Moving & Storage" indicates 17 complaints filed within the past 36 months. The Chicago BBB review also indicates that this company is linked with another area company known as "Moving Central." Moving Central has a separate BBB report that shows 18 customer complaints filed within the past 36 months. Moving Central has no federal operating authority on file under their own name but might be running long distance under Olympia's license.

If Olympia is the carrier you are considering, be aware that federal records show customers have alleged that their loads were held "hostage" 18 times between 2004 and now. Hostage load-taking is considered to be the worst possible thing a moving company can do to a customer, although to be fair Olympia has not had a hostage load complaint since 2010 - so they may have cleaned up their act somewhat. Other points of possible concern are that they show 31 complaints between 2004 - 2014 for problems with pickup and delivery. Another point to consider is that their federal interstate operating authority was involuntarily revoked 6 times between 2004 and 2012 - these may be due to lapses in insurance payments or some other possible reason (which they should be able to explain to you.)

The things that are most problematic and telling for me are that (1) they have not sent someone to your home to do a proper inventory; they are giving you vague quotes based upon various weights that (honestly) sound really low for a 2 BR apt (unless you've got almost no furniture,) (2) they have 3 trucks, 2 tractors and 3 trailers registered for interstate use which means they have very little over-the-road capacity and (3) the prices they are quoting you (under $1 per lb.!) are ridiculously low for a full service IL to WA move during the busy season.

I think there are many better options available to you and please consider some alternatives. There are a few red flags here - multiple names for what appears to be the same business; lots of BBB complaints; lots of hostage load complaints; very few trucks and most telling of all - their failure to send someone out to look at it and give you a written, binding estimate based upon a physical inspection of the goods and the premises.

Good luck with your move :)

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Re: Has anyone used Olympic Moving & Storage in Skokie, IL?

Postby stutz » Sat Jul 18, 2015 1:01 pm

Thank you both for your very helpful responses! Based on the detailed info you gave me, I've decided to not go with Olympia Moving. I've been in touch with Corrigan Moving Systems(recommended on the left) based out of Chicago and they will likely be doing our move. I am getting a in home survey to estimate our shipping costs. What price range would you think is fair for a couple moving out of a 2BR 900 square foot apartment? I know it entirely depends on various factors. We don't have that much stuff.

Thanks again!

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