san diego van & storage co (Mayflower)

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san diego van & storage co (Mayflower)

Postby jessijenn » Wed Dec 01, 2004 12:42 pm

What can anyone tell me about San Diego Van & Storage Co. (san diego area) and their carrier- Mayflower (USDOT 125563). I received an in home binding estimate this morning. The agent was not very friendly and was in and out of here in no time. I have also received estimates from Allied (USDOT076235) and Budget Express Moving & Storage (out of Palmdale USDOT 1159748). The budget estimate was much higher than ALlied and Mayflower (private, family owned company). Allied and Mayflower were comparable in weight and price. Allied's estimated weight was 5817 lb and Mayflower was 6440 lb. I have already received threads on Atlas/Allied but my husband and I will be making a decision on Monday and I trust all of you here and value what you have to say. Thanks

jessijenn :D

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Re: san diego van & storage co (Mayflower)

Postby Diane » Wed Dec 01, 2004 12:56 pm

Here is a thread on Budget Express in Palmdale with DOT #1159748 and MC #466131

I must say that the thread is not very reassuring - note that the person says that they gave him an estimate based on cubic feet. Dubious companies often claim to be new and "family-owned."

If you want to get a quote from a third van line, a moving professional posting here has said that Eckert's in San Marcos (North American) is good. Not recommending it, but just saying it would be OK to get a quote from.

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Re: san diego van & storage co (Mayflower)

Postby MusicMom » Thu Dec 02, 2004 10:52 pm


Are you moving out of the state of California?

Budget Express (Doing-Business-As name of Budget Van Lines), in addition to the comments on the thread Diane listed, currently is missing a required portion of insurance, so technically, should be having its license revoked soon. Their license is only for moves within the state of CA. They have had 4 insurance policies be rejected, each time for applying under a different name. Insurance rejections are not very common, and ONE is a bad sign, let alone FOUR. They also have been cited for using disqualified and unlicensed drivers. Funny that these two violations happened in a state other than CA, where their license restricts them to. Plus the three tickets in NM on three different dates.

Here is their place of business. Do you see the moving trucks?

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