Moving from Austin, TX to Chandler, AZ

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Moving from Austin, TX to Chandler, AZ

Postby ellet » Sat Jul 14, 2018 2:37 pm

Hi All,

My family and I are relocating from Austin, TX to Chandler, AZ. I'm trying to do my best to find a reputable and reliable interstate movers but I would love to get some recommendations as well as any personal experience with Ward North American in Austin, TX , Joyce Van Lines, and Daryl Flood Logistics?

How different are these agents vs. the moving companies that broker assign to you? There's just so many contradicting informations on the web that makes it hard to select a company. For example, they look ok on Yelp, but have bad BBB reviews.

Thank you

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Re: Moving from Austin, TX to Chandler, AZ

Postby Jeff.Walker » Mon Jul 16, 2018 7:53 am

Hi Ellet,
Joyce and Daryl Flood are both excellent choices and have a long history of great reviews here on! I'm not familiar with Ward, but they belong to a Van Line (North American) and as such will give you a good move to the best of their ability. Van lines don't want unhappy customers because they count on a lot of repeat business and word of mouth.

The difference between a van line agent and a broker is that the van line agent has something invested in performing your move. The broker doesn't. The "fee" that you will pay the broker isn't for your move, it's for the services they render in getting you a mover (often unlicensed) and you'll find yourself wondering why the moving company is now asking you to pay triple the original cost you negotiated with the broker. In addition, the broker figures his job is complete once he has the sale. If something goes wrong, there is no recourse. The broker will point you to the mover, the mover back to the broker.

Hope this helps!

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