Should I pursue arbitration?

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Should I pursue arbitration?

Postby TLL24 » Wed Jan 13, 2021 4:42 pm

I recently moved from across country and from the moment the movers arrived to pack our house I knew it would not go well. They packed terribly. TV’s upside down and forced into boxes, clothes hanging out of boxes, dropping furniture causing damage to walls, dropping furniture off of the loading ramp, the list goes on... I informed the moving company via phone of the issues and the lead mover on-site of my disappointment on the day of packing.

Fast forward to receiving our items at delivery and nearly every piece of large furniture is damaged ranging from a minimum of one large scratch/dent to about a dozen scratches/dents per item. Also, about $1,000 worth of items are missing. I again informed the moving company via phone on the day of delivery that we had several damages. However, I did not note any damages on the delivery inventory documents as I was unaware I would need to and also could not have examined all of our belongings that quickly.

We had full value protection with a $1,000 deductible and I submitted my claim with a $3,700 repair/replace cost. They initially responded with a $1,500 claim grant, netting me $500. After I spoke with a few people in claims they re-reviewed the claim and now are offering $2,000, netting me $1,000.

I feel like the latest offer is still not acceptable. I’ve looked into arbitration and see that may cost me $300 to $600, but I am reading others experiences with arbitration and it seems like without damages being listed on the delivery inventory document the arbitrator may not rule anything more in my favor.

Do you think arbitration would be worthwhile for me?

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