Need a reputable mover

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Re: Need a reputable mover

Postby nyaccent » Fri Sep 16, 2005 1:21 am

Okay, I learned something from reading this thread. I guess my two estimates that I had gotten were non-binding estimates. Certified (Atlas) said if I book them, when they come back to my house for me to sign the contract he will go over the items to be moved and come up with the final estimate, since I had told him I would probably have about 30 boxes in total. When he does the final estimation, would it be feasible at that time to ask if it would be a binding estimate.

Also when Hall-Lane gave me his estimate, he said if I were to go over the 2100 pounds (their minimum load they move), they discount the overage by 60%, so the price would go up minimally. He never did say that he would come back for me to sign the contract and do another estimate when I know more as to how many boxes i'd end up with. They charged me for 2100 lbs, but I left out 13 boxes when he did the estimate, which would bring my total from 1657 to the 2100.

Tomorrow Plycon is coming by, but for now I am leaning toward Certified Transportation Group.

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