Reviews of local NYC movers by Brooklynites

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Reviews of local NYC movers by Brooklynites

Postby Diane » Fri Sep 02, 2005 3:25 pm

I came across this thread on moving on and thought it was worth re-posting here. All posts date from August 2005 and the earliest are at the bottom. I put the names of the various companies in bold font. All reviews are unverified but to me they have the ring of truth. This is the thread - ... oru_6.html

Bottom line (summarized by me)

Good reviews: Flat Rate (4), Big John's (3), Moving Man (2), Oz (2), All Star (1), Big Apple (1), Moving Your Way (1), Dun-Rite (1), MoveMaster (1), Top Hat (1), Moishe's (1), Rainbow (1), Shleppers (1), Samsons (1), Gar-Hing (1), Marrin's (1), Father & Son (1)

Bad reviews: A-1 First Class Viking (3), Oz (2), Shalom (1), Flat Rate (1--hearsay only)

Judging from these reviews, I would say that people should avoid A-1 First Class and Shalom and that using Oz is very risky.


Question:- Okay, folks, we're shooting to move at the end of the month, even though there may still be some odds and ends to finish. We don't have tons of stuff, but enough that we definitely need three men and a truck (not a van). We've used Noah's Ark a couple of times with widely divergent results. We could really use some suggestions though.


1. I used Big Apple Movers two months ago and they were great. They bill completely by the hour. Came in below their estimate on a job that required two stops and many flights of stairs. They were far cheaper than what Flat Rate quoted us. Have heard many bad things about Flat Rate.

2. We hired Moving Your Way for our move just last week. They were quick, careful, and very inexpensive. I was so shocked and pleased at the final price ($400, for two truck-fulls and a second stop)that I over-tipped them by a ridiculous amount. It was still a great deal.

Flat Rate gave me the highest estimate of anyone I talked too--nearly half again as much as the next highest bid, and more than 4x what we ended up paying. Ridiculous.

3. We LOVED our movers!! Did an A+ job, no hidden fees and were nice people to boot:

All-Star Moving and Storage
88 Sanford Street
Brooklyn , NY 11205
(212) 254 - 2638

3. Never use Shalom Moving and Delivery. They were the cheapest quote on the NYTimes mover search utility, and the final bill was outrageous. 450-525 was quoted (for a small 1BR in an elevator building) and the final price was 1095. Never again.

4. The best price and service I've ever gotten was through MoveMasters. They charge a flat rate and their guys are really hard workers. They moved me from a ***5th floor walkup**** to a second floor walkup, didn't damage a thing including an obscenely heavy antique armoire, finished in three hours, all for $650. They are rated #1 on ... .php?id=55 Ask for George Marengo (646.322.3911). He'll have you itemize the move and then give you a quote.

5. Top Hat Movers in Park Slope (718) 965-0214 Not as expensive as Flat Rate, but very careful nonetheless. We had to move during a blizzard in Dec 2002, and they moved us quickly and carefully ... here's the amazing part: The sofa wouldn't fit in the elevator of the new building, so they carried it up the stair to the 11th floor without complaints!! They are fantastic.

6. Flatrate. Flatrate. Flatrate. That's the way to go. They moved us and did not damage a single item, including some very expensive antiques (large mirror, artwork - which they custom crated ). Four friends, each with a similar move, have had the same very positive response.

7. I agree with comments regarding Big John. They were excellent! We started the process with someone from Big Jon coming over to our apartment and giving us a free quote, based on what items we had in our apt. Ten days before the move, we bought supplies from them that were delivered free of charge. And on the day of the move, 3 guys came in, extremely professional and courteous and they quickly packed and moved our items without any problems. In the end their estimate was right on target, considering we lived on a 4th flr. walkup! I admit they are pricier than others, but, in the end you pretty much pay their estimated cost.

8. is a great website. they help the consumer understand estimates, scams, and the industry. highly recommend reading their materials before choosing a mover.

9. Take a look at this site for some real horror stories: Don't forget to visit the BlackList

10. Big John's Moving Inc.
1602 First Avenue
NYC NY 10028
212 734 3300 - They're great!

11. I say Flatrate. 4 moves in last 6 years- always happy with the job.

12. I have used Big John's (or is it John's) based on Upper East side for three moves. They are great. Cost very close to estimate and I had them move some very good pieces including my Steinway Grand (!). They were on time and courteous. Maybe a bit pricier than some but they won't surprise you. I have also used Dun-Rite (in the Bronx) to move a piano and they were excellent. They do residential jobs as well.

13. I've had a couple of good moves with Moishe's.

14. I also had a crap move with A-1. Final price was outrageously higher than estimate. Stuff was damaged and they fought tooth and nail getting it fixed after they claimed they didn't pack it, even though they did. Forever and a day finally passed with items being repaired, but never the same again.

15. I used to work for Rainbow Movers--they are great. Ask for Lenny. They make sure enough guys show up and the job invariably goes faster than you thought it would.

16. We have used Schleppers a couple of times. They have always been well-behaved and come in under-estimate. I don't think they have ever broken anything. The cost of their boxes bugs me, but I think other movers that provide boxes are similar. My guess is that they are not the cheapest of the movers, but I would definitely use them again.

17. I've used Flatrate 3 times in 8 years and never been disappointed. Never had anything broken, they never exceeded the quote, crews showed up on time or early. They are expensive (I use them to pack & move) but worth it.

18. I used A-1 once and they were absolutely horrible. Slow, damaged things, rude...

19. We moved from our FG apartment to our Clinton Hill Bstone earlier this year using Flatrate (go to They were great. Very careful, efficient, and their price is what it says, a Flat Rate, so it is in their interest not to drag the process out. The team that worked with us packed all of our stuff - a bunch of eastern and central European guys who spoke English, educated, hard working and trying to earn money for graduate school etc. They were upbeat and not surly when you asked them to be careful etc. We've had some horrible experiences in the past, but Flat Rate was actually very pleasant.

20. Samson Moving & Storage is amazing. Bonded, insued, professional. They moved my hubby's company and our home. They'll provide all the packing materials for you - delivered right to your door. We moved from a 2nd story walk-up in Greenpoint to an elevator building in the Borough Hall vicinity. The whole move took about 5.5 hours and with everything (including packing materials and tip) it came out to a bit over $900.

21. Avoid A1-First Class like the plague. They will bullsh*t you BIGTIME if they overbook (which they always do this time of year). "Where's the truck and men you were supposed to send this morning?!?" "They are still jammed up on another job." "WHAT?!? What other job?! YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING MY JOB!!" "They got delayed...There was traffic...There was more stuff than the owner told us about...blah, blah, blah." They don't care.

My sister was in hysterics when they didn't show up to move her out of her coop last Fall. There are very specific rules that she had to follow. Most important was the time (9:30am - 4:30pm, Mon -Fri, THAT'S IT). They didn't show up (we were packed and ready), they didn't call to inform us of a problem, and they didn't even offer to make any adjustment to the price (even after we demanded it) for their amazing and curtious service (at this time of year they have you by the short and curlies).

They book the job, and whatever happens, happens. Tough luck. Well FU*K THEM!! Also, be aware of the former inmate population staffing the company. "Oh no, we don't hire ex-cons, everyone of our staff is 'bonded'...yeah right...sticky fingers and all.

22. I too have had good experiences with Moving Man.

23. Oz wasn't great -- some stuff I never got back after doing the moving-storage-moving route. You don't miss a toolbox until you need a tool, do you? Flatrate's been better.

24. I've used these guys a couple of times, they work their asses off and are very cheap -

25. We used OZ to move to Westchester and plan to use them when we move back when our renovation is finished. The crew was on time, nice, hard working and the final cost was very close to the estimate.

26. I just used Oz and the move came in at double the estimate. They told us after we were moved in that we could have rented boxes from them and avoided the charge so we quickly emptied a bunch, getting them to lower the rate a couple hundred dollars. We packed 90 of our own boxes but left the art and some fragile things for them to pack. Insurance won't cover what you pack yourself (and is additional).

They also permanently damaged a vintage steel desk of mine, claiming it had already been scratched. I sit at this desk every day and it's one of my most expensive belongings -- it had no scratches before they touched it. The insurance doesn't cover it because there's a $500 deductible.

Also, things wound up in the wrong rooms because they didn't read our markings on the boxes we packed. A few small objects were lost in boxes they packed because they used huge boxes to hold a few tiny things. We searched for an hour through all their packing paper but never found the missing things. They also chipped an antique wood veneer table and tried to hide the broken pieces. They were quick and on time but I wouldn't use them again.

27. Father & Son has done good work for me in the past. I've also seen FlatRate around a lot recently.

28. I just moved out of CH -- used Marrin's Moving company. Family business. Fantastic. And of course they're insured and all that stuff. You should call and ask for Chris.

29. I highly recommend Moving Man Inc. Ask for Cal. They moved us and recently a friend of ours. Just simply great service adn attention to detail.

30. I have used Oz twice. (Once Upper east to Midtown, once midtown to Carroll Gardens). They have been great both times -- everything in one piece, quick, on time, and under their estimate.
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Re: Reviews of local NYC movers by Brooklynites

Postby bigapplemoving » Thu Sep 29, 2005 12:14 pm

Hi this message is for Diane we at Big Apple would love to have an opportuntiy to speak with you and show you around our facility.

Joe Clements (owner/President) can be reached at 800-873-6683 if he is not around you can speak to Denese. Thanks for your time.

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Re: Reviews of local NYC movers by Brooklynites

Postby Just helping » Sun Oct 02, 2005 10:15 pm

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Re: Reviews of local NYC movers by Brooklynites

Postby Guest » Fri Jul 07, 2006 3:00 pm

Just had a horrible experience with Schleppers (had had one previous good experience -- oh well). Horrible move, horrible customer service -- they showed up late, had to store our stuff overnight, overcharged us, lied on several occasions, and lost a box. Do NOT use them. Have heard good things about Big John's and Flatrate.

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Re: Reviews of local NYC movers by Brooklynites

Postby Diane » Tue Mar 18, 2008 12:08 pm

Here are a few more posts from that same page on Brownstoner, these dating from 2005-2008:
Jane wrote:9/4/05 - I have used Divine Movers for my first move last year it was great! this year I couldnt get them for my move date so I went with west side movers good service almost as good as Divine movers but more expensive, next time I'm moving only with Divine Movers...

Lucy B. wrote: 7/6/07 - Big John's Moving -- the very best!

10/17/07 - I love Moving Your Way. I've used them 3 times in 5 years already. They work quickly and efficiently as a team and get the job done right.

Hopefully I won't have to move again soon, but if I do I will definitely know who to call.

Moving Your Way!

3/4/08 - I HIGHLY Recommend Top Hat Movers. The owner Robert Straus was a joy to deal with and everything was moved from my apartment to my new home quickly and safely. No damages to any of my property, no smoking workers, no complaning workers. What was great is that the owner nor the Foreman nag you about tips, unlike some other companies. The foreman was also a joy to deal with, and I really like the way this compny is ran. So if you want to do a move and have all your stuff broken, call someone else. If you want a courteous, safe, quick, reliable move with no hassle, Call Top Hat Movers at 718-622-0377.
Highly Recommended!!!!!!!!!!! ... foru_6.php

[I think the last review sounds phony, actually. Disregard. Most customers wouldn't use the word "foreman" or post in broken English.]
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