In Need of Scam help

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In Need of Scam help

Postby dmcch » Mon Jun 01, 2015 10:16 pm

We were initially quoted for a long distance move at 4k. The price began with an over the phone quote. We spoke with the sales person and answered all of her questions about furniture and boxes. Then when asked is that all? Responded with, well its a 4 bedroom house with 2 children and a garage full of things like rakes, shovels, coolers, weedwacker etc. The sales person responded, ok. Dont worry about that stuff.

The day the movers arrived they gave us a final of 3k more than originally quoted. what recourse do I have with these crooks? The list was spot on except for the shovels and rakes she told us not to worry about. We have already put 2200 dollars down, but what can I do? The mover arrives tomorrow and I have tried to dispute this over the phone. Can I tell them, now that they are here.. here is 2500 dollars... the quote plus 10 percent. You can take this money and unload my belongings... or you can drive back to Chicago with all my things still in your truck?

Please help, anyone. This has been very stressful. Thanks

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Re: In Need of Scam help

Postby Big Dog » Tue Jun 02, 2015 8:31 am

I wouldn't let them load any of your items under any circumstances! If you can't get your $2200.00 back, consider that your "education". Then, after it calms down, call 3 Agents of major van lines like Allied, North American, Mayflower, or United to come to your house & do an actual walkthrough of your house in order to see what's being moved & packed. Only then, can you receive an accurate Estimate. As I tell many shippers: "don't you want to @ least meet face to face with the company that will have all your belongings on their truck"? Good luck. 8)
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Re: In Need of Scam help

Postby MusicMom » Tue Jun 02, 2015 3:32 pm

It sounds like they already have all the stuff and are due to deliver soon.

You don't say who the company is. Did they ask you to sign new paperwork on loading day?

Scammers are successful at this because they know you will pay to get your stuff. You don't want them to drive back to Chicago with everything. And they wouldn't do that anyway, they'd find the nearest self storage place, rent a unit for one month, and dump the entire load in there and abandon it if you're not going to pay them.

Legally, they are required to deliver your stuff for 110% of the estimate if it was non-binding, or 100% of the estimate if it was binding. However, if you signed new papers at loading then that is the new estimate. That being said, they clearly are not in the mood to do things legally, so you may have to be prepared to pay what they're asking. Unless you're willing to gamble with your stuff, there aren't many other options. Technically they haven't yet committed a hostage load, so the DOT can't get involved. If you have a non-binding estimate, the weight is important, and you can call the Dept of Weight and Measures to be at your house, and then go to the closest weigh station to determine if the price has been inflated. There are really a lot of things you could do here, and I'd be happy to talk with you more via private message, but in the end paying them and then filing complaints is what most people opt for just to get their stuff.

Whatevet you choose, make sure you document everything. Take photoa of the paperwork. If you have to sign before seeing your things, write on the signature line "Signed under duress before truck was opened" and then take a photo of it. The driver will sign illegibly, but ask his first and last name and writr them down yourself. Read through the inventory list and if everything has been marked scratched or damaged write "Items not damaged prior to loading" or something like that in dispute. Photograph the truck, and if possible, video the unloading. Focus on any damage you see and rough handling they do.

Please give us an update when they're gone.

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